August 16th, 2007

Jon Stewart, John Gibson, 9/11, & Why Fox News Must Be Completely Discredited

Okay. This is a bit difficult to write for any number of reasons, the first is I'm so fucking mad I am shaking uncontrollably as I write this.

One of the people I admire most in entertainment and news is Jon Stewart. He frequently has as guests on The Daily Show any number of people that he is completely opposed to on politics and ideaology, but manages to be respectful and civil and gracious even while arguing points and calling out blatant lies, and doesn't stack his panelists up in ranks of only those who agree. That's what Fox News & the conservative right wing radio fuckpuppets do. Case in point, Fox News' John Gibson - author of the ridiculous and farcical The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought, who has sunk to a new low in making a mockery of Jon Stewart's post 9/11 monologue. In the spirit of fairness and balance, I want to post that monologue in full for all to see before the second clip. Take the 9 minutes necessary to see this entire clip, and it will be clear why I'm furious (as we all should be) that cuntpus like John Gibson has the audacity and unmittigated gall to question he sincerity of a grief striken New Yorker, let alone what he proposes we as Americans need:

Jon Stewart's Post 9/11 Monolgue On TDS

On a recent program, John Gibson mercilessly and shamelessly mocks this monologue in a despicable and Malkinite/Coulteresque kind of way I thought was reserved only for the worst of Bil O'Reillys. He further suggests that what America needs is another 9/11 to get us unified - on exactly what I am sure I don't know. Perhaps being bloodthirsty and intolerant of all Middle Eastern looking Americans, who knows.

John 'Rat Face' Gibson Mocking Jon Stewart's Grief; We Need Another 9/11!"

YOU, John Gibson, are a diseased puddle of diarrhetic worm shit and it is YOU and your Fox News cowards that truly hate this country and everything it stands for. You are proof that there is no God, because if there were you and your entire yammering, loathesome shitstain of a network would be drawn, quartered, dipped in gravy, and thrown to starving, tick riddled hyenas.