August 10th, 2007

There's A Local Bitch That I Hope Is Crying Her Eyes Out Over This One

From UI
One more example of the total disintegration of John McCain’s presidential campaign:
McCain’s support has collapsed in Iowa. His support among registered Republicans dropped from 14.4 percent in March to 1.8 percent in July-August.
And take a look at this:
UI political scientists note that McCain has been passed in popularity not only by former Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., who earned 5.2 percent support, but also by a Democratic challenger, Obama, who is supported by 6.7 percent of Republicans.
Ouch. When more than THREE TIMES the Republicans support Obama over you, that’s gotta smart.



Photo courtesy of Magz

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Tucker Carlson (R-Moronic Whore)

Tucker Carlson hosted all-white panel of journalists to discuss "Obama's blackness"
On the August 8 edition of MSNBC's Tucker, an all-white group discussed an upcoming forum at a National Association of Black Journalists convention that will address, according to the convention program -- as quoted by The Washington Post -- the question Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) "cannot seem to shake -- is he black enough? Is this an unfair question? What is the measure of blackness and who gets to decide?" Host Tucker Carlson asked A.B. Stoddard, associate editor of The Hill, and Newsweek senior editor Jonathan Alter: "What exactly do people mean when they talk about Obama's quote, "blackness"? ... I'm not even sure what that question means. I know that it makes me uncomfortable and it strikes me as unfair, but what does it mean?" Carlson, who is white, devoted a full segment of his show -- more than six minutes -- to the issue of Obama's racial identity and the effect of stereotypes on his bid for the presidency with Stoddard and Alter, two white journalists.

During the discussion, Stoddard said Obama "is biracial, and he's an immigrant, and he went to Harvard, and many black people in America don't see themselves in him." In fact, Obama, whose father was a native of Kenya, was born in Honolulu.

Later in the discussion, Carlson asserted that Obama "could just as easily identify as white" and added that "if he made that decision, the left would jump on him."
Okay, this clip alone is reason enough why Tucker Carlson should be banned from being on television to discuss ANYTHING, least of all politics. Let me begin by stating the obvious, hosting a panel of white people to discuss blackness makes about as much sense as bringing freedom to Iraq. Second, Stoddard should have first done more homework and second should known (as it is base level knowledge and patently fucking obvious) that Obama CANNOT be an immigrant as this would disqualify him from the presidency if indeed he were. Fuckass. Carlson should have jumped on that immediately, the fact that he didn't point this out to the panelist in error shows what a raging incompetent he is.

The rest is just obvious - everything about this show is six shades of wrong.