July 18th, 2007

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Right Wing Chickenhawk Accosts Cindy Sheehan
on the Street; Gets Served His Own Ass By Veterans

Watch it, it's priceless. I wished I had been there to see this dumb fuck go down. I sincerely hope that these stupid asshole chickenhawks all die in one gigantic fire, and that rabid weasels dig up their bloated corpses and shit in their fucking mouths. Here's his website, by the way - could he look any smarmier?

Reposting in full from the desk of kyra:

Because the Kiwi is al knowing and all seeing:
My primary reason for eagerly anticipating the release of HP7 has undergone a dramatic shift in the last week. I'm no longer looking forward to it mainly so I can devour the book and find out how it ends, nope. Now, I can't wait until the damn book is out so people will shut the fuck up about having it spoiled for them. Everywhere I turn these days, someone's bitching about some spoiler someone on their friendslist posted, and it's really old already.

Guys. Seriously now. It's a fucking book. Not only that, but it's a fucking massive book. There's no way a few lines describing key events are going to tell you anything about the rest of the story, fill in the backstory of what led to those key events, or spoil the entire book for you. And if it does, and finding out a little too much a little too early about who dies makes you want to cancel your pre-order, that's pathetic.

If you're that concerned about spoilers, seriously: log off LJ right now, close Second Life and GuildWars, exit out of Warcraft, and TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING COMPUTER UNTIL YOU HAVE READ HP7. If you access the internet in any way in the next week, you are taking your chances, because you should have learned better after HP6, and you have no fucking right to complain.
See why I love her?
Pro Life

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Thank You Senator Landrieu
As the Republicans rallied behind President George Bush and his failed war policy during last night’s all-night debate on Iraq, Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) finally broke away from Holy Joe and breaks one off in them, giving one of the most passionate speeches of the night. The Republicans have been calling Tuesday night’s debate a “stunt”, but Landrieu sets the record straight and takes them to the woodshed. This is a long clip, but it’s worth it.