June 20th, 2007


I heart Andy McKee. Not just for being amazingly talented, but for covering Toto's "Africa" like no one ever has before. I love that song. Then again, I unabashedly love that band.

He's also quite cute as well.

Andy Mckee - Africa


Take One Minute, Spread This Message!

One in six hate crimes are motivated by the victim's sexual orientation.
Yet Federal laws don't protect these people.
Watch the video.
Then tell your Senators to support the Matthew Shepard Act.

Fight Hate Crimes

One hate crime is committed every hour.
One minute of your time today could equal hate crimes protections for millions.



(no subject)

[20:48] lordgoonie: i wish W would write a child's book when he's out of office and title it "Cents and sensa...senci...sentences"
[20:49] jesus_h_biscuit: ROFL
[20:49] jesus_h_biscuit: ROFL
[20:49] jesus_h_biscuit: GODDAMN
[20:49] jesus_h_biscuit: *dead*
[20:50] lordgoonie: the poor man cant even make a sentence, much less a children's book...so maybe it should be a pre-K book with lots of pictures...maybe even shamu doing a jump out of a puddle of oil on the cover?
[20:50] lordgoonie: she has to be winking and flashing a gangsta roll
[20:52] jesus_h_biscuit: and gold teef