June 4th, 2007

Sopranos Finale Predictions & Commentary On The Next-To- Last Episode That Aired Last Night

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The next episode is the last one, ever. What do you think will happen in the series finale?

I'm thinking it's got to be one of three things. 1.) Tony turns snitch and gives everything up to the FBI guys that are ever present at Satriale's, explaining in part why we've seen so much of them recently. 2.) Paulie (as my suspicions lead me to believe) turns into a rat and gives Tony up, getting immunity for his information, and Tony goes down finally. 3.) Phil (or his guys, likely it would never be himself) whack Tony. There's always the freak element, something like AJ (in my opinion, the REAL Big Pussy of the show) freaks out and offs the entire family or Tony dies in an accident of some sort that happens in a way that makes him pay for all he did in life. I would also be very happy if Silvio comes back and takes over the family in the event that Tony gets whacked or put away - completely fucking Paulie in the process.

I'm really hoping that they bring the ducks back for the last episode somehow, but that's just me.

What do you think will happen?

A Call For Prayer & Good Energy For airbearma & bearzilla

airbearma had a stroke last week, and has now been diagnosed with lung cancer. The last post he made before this all happened was about the 10th anniversary he shares with his husband, bearzilla.

These men love each other desperately and are suffering tremendously as a result of these recent devastating revelations, so I ask urge all of you to please consider them and their families and friends at this time in your thoughts, prayers, and wishes of good energy. They need it badly.

I cannot imagine how horrifying and heartbreaking this must be for them and everyone that knows and loves them, and I hope I never do. My greatest wish is that Kevin has a full recovery and that it is soon.