May 23rd, 2007

Double Barrelled


I'm really pissed off at the Democratic Majority right now. They are not living up to the promises that got them where they are last November, and if they don't start getting with the program ASAP, things are going to go from bad to worse. It's time again to start calling your state reps and senators and insist that when the next bill measure for war funding comes up in July for the fall funding that they NOT move on it unless a timetable is enacted for the removal of troops. As it is, they're planning already on doubling the 'surge' by December. This is UNACCEPTABLE. I called my state representative today and emailed every senator in the state of Georgia on Monday, all of whom have already replied to me.

I have a post in the works detailing my feelings about all of this, but for now I want to share the questionnaire I sent to The Committee for a Democratic Majority - which I urge you all to do. In my submission I added the following to the bottom section where you add your thoughts/feelings/opinions about how they're doing, I wrote the following:
I have to be honest, I'm very disappointed in the Democratic majority right now - BIGTIME. Disappointed and quite angry. The people sent out a screamingly loud message in November which apparently wasn't heeded. WE WANT CHANGE, DRASTIC CHANGE. It must start with ending the quagmire we have created in Iraq, and holding fast to the principles our country was founded on. It is critical for all of us that the Democratic majority in BOTH houses cease appropriating bills funding this war unless realistic timetables are created and enacted, NO MORE compromising with anyone who insists that we keep throwing money into that incinerator. The entire world is watching, Madams and Sirs - and while we respect and appreciate the difficult jobs you have, you made the choice to take them of your own collective volitions and you must remember that you only have these jobs because we ALLOW you to have them. Never forget that you work for US. Your integrity and reputation for being the reformers you promised us you were is hanging in the balance. Again, the world is watching you - start flexing the muscles we know you have, and start representing us the way you promised us you would if we voted for you. We did our part, it is time for you to do better at yours. End this war at the next opportunity, pull funding in July when the bill for fall comes up, be the changes you said you were going to be. Compromises amount to enabling more Republican irresponsibility, and it is wholly unacceptable. Lives are at stake, 3.5 are lost each and every day we stay in Iraq. YOU have the power to stop this. Please don't let our faith in you sour any further than it already has.

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The entire government has failed us on Iraq
For the president, and the majority leaders and candidates and rank-and-file Congressmen and Senators of either party—there is only blame for this shameful, and bi-partisan, betrayal

By Keith Olbermann
A Special Comment about the Democrats’ deal with President Bush to continue financing this unspeakable war in Iraq—and to do so on his terms:

This is, in fact, a comment about… betrayal.

Few men or women elected in our history—whether executive or legislative, state or national—have been sent into office with a mandate more obvious, nor instructions more clear:

Get us out of Iraq.

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