February 22nd, 2007

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Rapture Wreaks Havoc On Local Book Club
MARION, IN—Following last week's rapture, which transported four members of the Marion Mockingbirds Book Club to heaven in order to be with Jesus Christ, the three remaining members have reportedly been scrambling to maintain a regular Wednesday meeting schedule as well as the usual coffee-and-pastry rotation.

"It's a shame because I think Shirley had the most stimulating opinions, and I was really looking forward to hearing what she'd have to say about [Fannie Flagg's Standing In The Rainbow] right before her ascension," said club member Diane Valinsky Monday. "And we were supposed to meet at Lucas' house this week, but I guess that's out now, seeing as the armies of Satan are on the march."

Valinsky said she and the remaining members were not surprised that the Antichrist turned out to be Mitch Albom, calling his latest fiction effort, For One More Day, "disappointing."
More News In Brief

Things to file under the headline "WHAT THE FUCK?"

Take a look at this screenshot from CNN.com before it changes. You tell me what's wrong in terms of this being a supposedly legitimate news source with extended coverage of stuff like this getting substantially more coverage than the fact that our soldiers who come home broken are getting shit on left, right, and fucking center. To say NOTHING about how many get killed or maimed daily. In conclusion, leave this sort of shit to Fox - they might claim to be real news, but their nonstop coverage of Anna Nicole and clear right wing bias say otherwise. Be better than that, 'reputable' CNN.

Speaking of what the fuck, WHAT THE FUCK?

I Believe...

Here's what I believe, Alice Shannon. I believe you're a cunt and a complete fuckwit. If you want to call that a religion, then I'm a devout member of the First Holy Church of You're A Fucking Jackass. It is also called the Church of Reality. Investigate.

Scary Shit

The Gaede twins, otherwise known as "Prussian Blue", the White Supremacist folk/bubblegum pop duo, in their Adolf Hitler Smiley t-shirts.

Minor Threat

Lamb and Lynx Gaede are like a lot of 13-year-old girls. Except that they love Hitler and sing songs glorifying white supremacy. Aaron Gell confronts ethnic cleansing’s hottest act, Prussian Blue.
On October 20, when Lamb and Lynx Gaede, the 13-year-old white-nationalist twins known as Prussian Blue, were having their Cinderella moment on ABC’s Primetime, the girls weren’t even watching themselves on TV. Their grandpa, Fresno-area rancher Bill Gaede, was taping the show while the twins and their mom, April Gaede, were down at the local haunted hayride getting the bejesus scared out of them by evil clowns. “For some reason,” April observes, “clowns are just really scary.”

It’s that eerie combination of darkness and light, of goofy innocence and twisted menace, that makes Prussian Blue like a scary clown, which might explain why the sparkly eighth graders have been transformed into internationally recognized spokeskids for hate.

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For those unaware, "Prussian Blue" is defined as a dark blue pigment which may be found as a byproduct after the use of Zyklon B, a cyanide-based insecticide. It was also the poison used in the Nazi concentration camp's gas chambers to murder millions. The duo have said that they think Prussian blue is "just a really pretty color," however, in an interview with Vice Magazine, they stated, "there is also the discussion of the lack of 'Prussian Blue' coloring in the so-called gas chambers in the concentration camps. We think it might make people question some of the inaccuracies of the Holocaust myth."

'Timid' Congress drives GQ correspondent to draft six articles of impeachment for VP "Shooter"

GQ writer drafts articles of impeachment against Cheney
In the March issue of GQ, Wil S. Hylton argues that Vice President Richard Cheney should be impeached for committing "high crimes and misdemeanors."

"Over the past six years, as the country has spiraled into military misadventure, fiscal madness, and environmental meltdown, the vice president has not merely been wrong about the issues; he has been duplicitous, deceitful, and deliberately destructive to the American democracy," Hylton writes.

"These things can no longer be denied by rational minds: That in the buildup to war in Iraq, the vice president, lacking confidence in the true casus belli, conspired to invent additional ones, misrepresenting the available intelligence, crafting new 'intelligence,' and then spreading these falsehoods to the public, perverting the democratic process that he is sworn to uphold," Hylton adds.

Hylton crafts six "articles of impeachment" because "a timid Republican Congress and a refusal to act by the new Democratic leadership" means that "the Fourth Estate" must "take the mantle of indictment unto ourselves."
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shivasinai: the floor is yours.

Take your best shot. I'll spar with you for a while, at least. Go ahead, the gloves are off - just realize that before you bite.

BACKSTORY: see this thread in this post over at the jeff_buckley community. I'd already deleted well over 25 comments from the troll because they were inflammatory and I wanted to spare the rest of the community from all of the flaming and sniping before inviting troll here to resolve the matter. If someone wants to go toe to toe with me on an issue, that's fine - just own your motives for it and don't backpedal later when you get caught in your bullshit. That's what happened, basically. I'm leaving this post up and the links to it in place for anyone in the community who follows over to see what happened as a means of proving that I didn't start this nonsense - I just finished it and had enough respect for the community to bring it here and not leave it there.

EDIT: 11:36PM

Only 93 minutes for me to spin out this troll on itself - I believe that's a new record for me.