February 1st, 2007

Abu Ghraib Video Transcript; Alleged Former Abu Ghraib Guard Discussed Gang Rape in Video

Raping our way to victory

Presented without comment.

From IraqSlogger:
Complete Transcript
Bold type denotes off-camera voice of one of two other men present
**** indicates an edit in the tape.
Get this on tape man. Say it again. Say again what happened.
Say what?
You know, like what was going on? What was it like being a guard there?
A guard at Abu Ghraib?
Yeah. That place, man, it's fuckin' world famous now.
I don't know what to say. Nothin' special. It's better than being a fucking bullet sponge.
Know any of those guys who got busted, you know, for torturing those inmates?
They got fucked, man. You know, just cuz someone let the pictures get out.
I don't get that.
Yeah, why'd they....

No one expected...
I mean, compared to what we were doing every day? Teasing a couple of hajjis? Give me a fucking break. You know, what's the big deal about making a haji walk around like a dog and bark?
....expected anyone to get all upset...
What else would you guys do?
What would we do?
Or we would take plastic and wrap it around their heads until they started choking....
CIA showed us a lot of shit....
.....crank generator, where we'd hook it up to their nipples or their nuts, fucking crank it and shock the shit out of them.
What was the most fun things?
The most fun thing, umm....definitely the women.
Yeah? They had chick insurgents, man?
No, they didn't have chick insurgents.
Something goes down, they just grab everyone around, you know, fuck em. I mean, you gonna have 35 trials? No, you know. People are like, "Oh they're innocent." You know what, I don't give a fuck. As far as I'm concerned, they're all guilty. You know what? They should have kicked Saddam out themselves. Instead, we're there doing the fucking job. We're losing guys.....
Were those people in the World Trade Center guilty? No. Fuck them. They fucked us, so now we're fucking them. Fuck them, dude, anyone with a fucking rag on their head is fair game.
....girl, she was probably like 15 years old. Yeah, she was hot dude. The body on that girl, yeah, really tight. You know, hadn't been touched yet. She was fucking prime.
One of the guys started pimping her out for 50 bucks a shot. I think at the end of the day, you know, he'd made like 500 bucks before she hung herself.
She hung herself? How's come she hung herself?
I don't know. She wasn't happy.
In their culture, it's really shunned upon if you get raped. I guess she would have been stoned to death anyways by her people, you know. It's fucked up.
She was fucked anyway, I guess. In more ways than one.
You didn't get shit from the CO, did you?
Uh-uh, not until those fucking pictures came out. After then the biggest rule was no fucking cameras.
See the video.

Fox News guest says US culture has 'systematic hatred of males'

A written example of Giles' batshit wingnuttery.

Conservative theologian on Fox: 'Jesus wasn't a bearded lady'

Doug Giles see examples of discrimination against men throughout US culture. Churches should stop raising 'nice' boys and, instead raise 'warriors' to combat terrorisms. Schools are controlled by the 'feminist agenda'. Doug Giles says, "You look at the culture, the movies, the television, and it always shows boys and men being these morons that a woman or a gay man has to take by the hand and lead us through the fog or we're not going to make it. In the education system you see the lack of competition. They want to eradicate sports. They want to get rid of grading. They want everybody to be equal. If a boy acts out, let's put him on drugs instead of that being [the nature] of that young man. We want to get him doped up and turn his testosterone, effectively, off."

On the treatment of boys by religion, Giles says, "The church doesn't help matters either. The church is know for raising 'nice' boys. I don't know about you, Steve, but when I was young, I didn't dream of growing up and being 'nice.' I wanted save a nation, slay a dragon, something great, be a fireman, a policeman, save a damsel in distress." He suggest how churches should influence boys, saying, "The churches ought to go back to the biblical example. Like David. David was a warrior. You know, Moses, he was a tough, rowdy guy. He defied Pharaoh and all of his hosts. You know , Jesus wasn't a bearded lady. He fashioned a whip, threw out the money changers, stood for truth, lead in difficult time periods. I think, given the war on terrorism and the asggressive secularism that's trying to ramrod traditional American values out of our nation, I think, we need men to be men now days and there is a systematic hatred of males that's going on in our culture."

Watch the video:

Edited 10:38PM EST - Now with a disclaimer!

Healthier models expected on catwalks in N.Y.; Super thin is out at New York Fashion Week



'Bout fucking time, no?

*These pictures are apparently doctored, not that it should matter for my purposes. To see the Snopes write up on them, click here. Also, as this has caused some controversy, let me state that my intent in using these pictures in this post was to make a point and draw attention - not to post the most authentic images I could find after scouring the internets for anorexic bodies. It's about the fashion industry - one's on a catwalk, one's getting a touch-up backstage. They fit. No more, no less.
Pro Life


BREAKING: Bush "surge" likely sending DOUBLE the number of troops to Iraq - 35,000 to 48,000 - NOT 21,000
Leaked Congressional Budget Office report says real number of Bush troop surge is between 35,000 and 48,000 additional troops.

UPDATE: And that $5.6 billion Bush asked for to pay for the "surge," it was a lie too. From CBO:
CBO estimates that costs would range from $9 billion to $13 billion for a four-month deployment and from $20 billion to $27 billion for a 12-month deployment...
In the best case scenario, this will be a four-month deployment. That means the cost will be around two times what Bush claimed.
Hat tip to John at AmericaBlog for breaking this one.