January 25th, 2007

Videopost #25 - Hi, I'm a great big faggot... that CAN and WILL kick your ass if I really wanted to.

In which I rant a bit about the word 'faggot', the Grey's Anatomy ...thing... and the uselessness of being offended by words like it's something worth wasting the energy on. Then again, I could be completely wrong. Surely people have died as a result of being called a 'nasty name'. Certainly no one has survived being labelled or dismissed by epithets. Do we have fucking free speech in this country or not? Sure - a lot of words offend me, but it's just not worth getting insane in the membrane over for fuck's sake! So many other things to get fired up about that actually matter. GET OVER YOURSELVES, FAGGOTS!
'Grey's' star in counseling after anti-gay slur

CNN defends Glenn Beck after he said on-air that the anti-gay slur “faggot” is just a “naughty name.”

Videopost #25


I love Filter - they're one of those bands that never got too big and always stayed well produced. I dig this video (any opportunity to look at lead screamer Richard Patrick) but I hate that they clipped his scream after the bridge. You really should listen to this song if you're a fan of really loud, thick, dirging, heavy rock music. If for no other reason, for Patrick's seemingly endless scream at 05:47 into the song. In my opinion, he is one of the most amazing vocalists ever - and screams like no one can. Download the song from the band's website by right clicking and saving this link: Welcome to the Fold.mp3.

This song is rough sex.
This song is driving too fast, music too loud.
This song is big, hard, throbbing dick.

FILTER - Welcome to the Fold


From C&L:
Now, I know that there will be a segment of the readership that will automatically discount this considering the source, but keep in mind that this very topic has been discussed on the comment threads here and elsewhere. I will also point out that this same site predicted (correctly) Rumsfeld's resignation. So with that in mind, consider the following…

Comedy Central Insider:
The CC Insider/InDecider has just heard more rumors (see earlier posts) from a SECOND reliable source that Dick Cheney will be stepping down as Vice President and will be replaced as Vice President by Condoleezza Rice. And now we're hearing that she would like to be on the ticket as the GOP VP candidate in '08.

According to our rumor-meister, John Negroponte will be filling Condi's current position as Secretary of State. Negroponte is currently the Director of National Intelligence (the first person ever to hold the few-years-old position) and the former US Ambassador to Iraq.
Laugh now, but remember where you heard it first.