January 22nd, 2007

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War’s Arab supporters bitter over its results
Resentment speaks volumes about U.S. standing in the Middle East

This was an excellent, if not deeply disturbing read. So many of the things echoed in this piece were things I'd either come to suspect or had ascertained from other reports and op-ed pieces over the last couple of years. This very succinctly lays it out in terms that you cannot mistake.

I think the thing that most bothers me about this is the notion of what this administration and the sheep that not only enable it but actively support it have done in the name of MY country to just absolutely decimate any good standing we had within the Arab community and indeed the world at large, be they in the Mideast or anywhere in the world. What has been done in Iraq, what is looming over Syria and Iran and who knows what else, it just makes me sick. We've become a laughingstock - a mockery - a complete sham. And rightly so in the eyes of the world community.

I want my country back, goddamnit.

You have GOT to be kidding me...

Colorblind: Barack Obama would be the great black hope in the next presidential race -- if he were actually black.

Yeah - this bitch needs to get dickslapped real, real hard. Pinktalk nails it:
How reassuring to recent African immigrants and bi-racial folks this piece in Salon today must be! They are not actually black! I hope someone explains that to the cop who racially profiles them, or the racist fuck who calls them the N-word. Awesome.

I wonder who is black enough to "count"...does that mean Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are not actually making history? Please advise, Ms. Dickerson.

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GOP leadership bristles at five-day Capitol Hill work week
During a Friday morning debate on the floor of the House of Representatives, the Republican leadership complained that the five-day work week imposed by the new majority was unnecessary and created problems for Members of Congress. But House Democrats are holding firm and plan to continue the current schedule.

Speaking for the House Republican leadership, Roy Blunt, the Republican Whip, complained during the floor debate that the five-day work week was making life harder for Members of Congress from both parties. He also described the schedule as "a disservice to the institution," because "It is like assuming that a surgeon only does the surgeon's work when they are in the operating room."

In an e-mail response to RAW STORY, a Democratic Leadership aide stated unequivocally that no changes to the five-day work schedule were planned.

Blunt complained about the tone of discussions regarding the longer work week dictated by House Democrats, saying that "the majority has had the better of this argument so far because it is a lot of fun to talk about Members of Congress that don't work." He also mentioned that "The late night comedians love the idea that Congress was suddenly going to work 5 days a week."

His remarks came after the House voted unanimously to reform the management of the Page Board, prompted by last Fall's scandal involving Republican Rep. Mark Foley of Florida.

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The full exchange between the two Representatives can be read at the Library of Congress's website.

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Ex-Church Official Guilty in Porn Case
The former music director of a church where former President Bush once worshipped pleaded guilty on Monday to possessing child pornography.

Robert F. Tate, 64, of Greenwich, admitted possessing between 150 and 300 pornographic images of children, some engaging in sexually explicit conduct. Prosecutors said some children in the images were younger than 12 years old.

"Yes, your honor. I regret to say I did it," Tate told a federal judge.


Federal Marriage Amendment is officially dead for '07
Colorado's chief supporters of a federal Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage said they have no plans to bring up the issue this year.

Sen. Wayne Allard, R-Colo., and Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Colo., have been active in recent years trying to win support for such an amendment.

Democrats now control Congress and both said prospects for the legislation are slim.

Allard said he'd raise the issue if there was a decent chance for a floor debate, but doubts there'll be such an opportunity.

Musgrave spokesman Aaron Johnson said she won't introduce the legislation this session.
In other news, Marilyn Musgrave still is a giant cunt. When the majority in both houses doesn't court the Evangelical Fucktard vote anymore and instead prefers sound MEANINGFUL legislation, you can't squeak bullshit like this through to secure that base. Why? Because that base isn't interested in the politics of sensibility, only the politics of derision.