January 14th, 2007

Pro Life

This one is AWESOME!

In a clip from This weekend's McLaughlin Group, Newsweek editor Eleanor Clift defends Sen. Barbara Boxer's questioning of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at a Senate committee hearing on the war in Iraq.

Conservative pundits had accused Boxer of inappropriately mentioning Rice's marital status and the fact that she did not have children or grandchildren eligible for service as a way of demonstrating that neither of them would pay a personal price for the Iraq war.

At the hearing, Boxer included herself in the description of those who would not 'pay a personal price.' With children too old and grandchildren to young to be eligible for service in Iraq, Boxer asked, "So who pays the price?" The American military and their families," she said, answering her own question.

Newsweek editor Eleanor Clift
defends questioning of Condi Rice
by Senator Barbara Boxer