January 2nd, 2007

Me & D

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This was the first thing I read when I woke up, got my coffee, made breakfast for the love of my life, and sat down to read the news:
"I stood there looking at him, this incredibly beautiful man... telling me that I was beautiful...

and it felt like I was going to explode into light."
Wonderful. Thank you, killcircuitboys. You just reminded me of one of the best things about my life, the fact that I get this same thing said to me practically every day.

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Evangelist sued for claiming that God heals

A tele-evangelist with a large following across the United States is being sued by relatives over her claim that prayer cured her brother's throat cancer.

Darlene Bishop's claims appear in her book, Your Life Follows Your Words, which fails to mention that her brother, the songwriter Darrell "Wayne" Perry, died of the disease 18 months ago.

Mr Perry's four children have filed a lawsuit against their aunt for wrongful death, claiming that she persuaded him to stop chemotherapy and to depend instead upon God's healing.

Mrs Bishop, who is co-pastor at a 4,000-congregation Ohio church, also claims that prayer cured her of breast cancer.

In her blog she dismissed the allegations as "complete lies", adding that he had been in remission for more than a year when the book was published.