December 27th, 2006

Here's what I feel like today

"A Window Into My Own Hell"
Self Portrait, 2005

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2nd-Feb-2005 10:30 am
I was paid a visit from my muse early this morning. Apparently, she's quite angry. I cannot tell you exactly what possessed me, it was a combination of many things. I had a dream about a picture I'd taken two weeks ago, of the concrete abutment that supports a train trussel downtown. All I remember was being trapped inside of it, with an irregularly shaped window looking out. I managed to break part of the glass, but I was still trapped inside of this huge, decaying concrete pillar with no one around to console me or even hear my screaming, completely panicked until I was resolved. Try to imagine that before viewing this piece. It was meant to be painful, gritty, angry, and provocative, as it represents how I feel when I'm disconnected. That is about all of the explaination I'm willing to give, let the title speak for itself.

New & Old Luke Chueh Icons

facade doesn't fit
square blue
sound bite
sharp tongue
kiling pigeons...*
pac man
cat in the hat
beauty & the beast
black & white & red all over
me play joke

*...with the vampiric / soul sucking power of top 40 music

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Facing gallows, Saddam offers "sacrifice" for Iraq
Saddam Hussein, due to be hanged within 30 days, said in a letter made public on Wednesday that his execution would be a sacrifice for his country and called on Iraqis to unite and fight U.S. forces.

"Here I offer myself in sacrifice. If God almighty wishes, it (my soul) will take me where he orders to be with the martyrs," Saddam said in the hand-written letter obtained from his defense lawyers in Jordan after it was posted on a Web site.

"If my soul goes down this path (of martyrdom) it will face God in serenity."

The defense team said it was written shortly after Saddam was sentenced to death in November for crimes against humanity. The Iraqi High Tribunal appeals court upheld the sentence on Tuesday and said Saddam should be hanged within 30 days.

Saddam's execution will come as President Bush looks to usher in a new era for U.S. policy in Iraq amid public anger at home over rising U.S. casualties.


Saddam's Baath party threatened to retaliate if the ousted leader was executed: "Our party warns again of the results of carrying out such a verdict, on the situation in Iraq and America in particular," read a statement posted on the Internet.

"It is the most dangerous red line that the American administration should not cross," said the statement, which could not be independently verified.

In his letter, Saddam called on Iraqis to unite.

"Oh brave, pious Iraqis in the heroic resistance. Oh sons of the one nation, direct your enmity toward the invaders. Do not let them divide you ... Long live jihad (holy war) and the mujahideen against the invaders."

George Will Is A Total Fucking Loon

Huff Post blogger on THIS WEEK and George Will is a complete Ass
Will: "Baghdad is the problem and while we debate what to do in Baghdad, the Shiites are changing the facts on the ground in Baghdad through incremental—not at all stealthy—rather rapid ethnic cleansing. So we may get a monochrome Baghdad out of this which would be ahhh, sad, but perhaps tranquilizing."

I mean really, who makes statements like this just off the cuff, just as cavalierly as you please? Bowtied cock knocker.