December 20th, 2006


I dig Kelly Clarkson, especially since she's such a good sport - as evidenced here, at a Metal Skool concert where she's in the audience with the lead singer of Yellowcard. Our dear Miss Independent is dancing and swilling beer from a solo cup when they notice her, sexually harass her, and call her up on stage. She goes up, drinks Chivas straight from the bottle, does some audience participation stuff and chucks her top into the audience before asking them to play some Guns N' Roses, then the real fun begins. Sure, she doesn't know all of the words, but it could also be that she's piss drunk in this clip. Either way, she held her own and it's great fun.

Kelly Clarkson Drunk & Rockin' Out
NSFW Because of language, so be careful

Steeerike TWO!

Cobb gives up on evolution book stickers
School board settles lawsuit that brought national limelight over disclaimers.
The Cobb County evolution saga is finally over, more than four years after school officials ordered stickers warning that evolution is "a theory, not a fact" pasted into thousands of science textbooks.

The end came Tuesday, when the Cobb County school board announced it had settled a lawsuit filed by parents who said the disclaimer violated the constitutional prohibition against government-established religion.

The case had attracted national attention, much of it unflattering, and stoked debate over the teaching of science and religion in the classroom -- even on the origin of life.

Cobb school board chairwoman Teresa Plenge explained that the board saw "the need to put this divisive issue behind us." However, she admitted no mistake on the board's part, saying she believed the stickers were constitutional.

Parents who filed suit against the stickers cheered their victory.

"Evolution cannot be redefined by people who don't like it," said Jeffrey Selman, one of five Cobb parents who sued to have the disclaimer removed. "I sued in the name of science and protecting science education, but the umbrella here is the First Amendment. I think our side has stood up very strongly for the United States Constitution."

Marjorie Rogers, the Cobb parent who led the drive that resulted in the stickers' placement, said she was disappointed.
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I think next item on the menu should be the placement of these stickers on these here books - you know, because it's a theory and all and not in any way factual. There are a lot of them here also, including a downloadable .PDF file you can print onto sticker paper for the next time you're in a church, bookstore, or hotel.

*feigns shock*

'95%' in US have had premarital sex
IN YOUR FACE, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Rod Parsley, Donald Wildmon, Tony Perkins, Robert Tilton, Jerry Falwell, Tim & Beverly LaHaye, Kirk Cameron, Bill Donohue, and the rest of you stupid assholes who use your false ass morality as a club to beat others with. You fuck just as much if not more than the rest of us, so stop being such fucking hypocrites about it.
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New Meme

I'm starting a new meme. Post the MOST WRONG, GOD-AWFUL, HILARIOUS YouTube clips in the comment section of this post. I will start off with this one, which is decidedly not safe for work. Then blame enhydrasf for all of it, it's his fault I'm doing this.

Retarded Animal Babies - Alphabet

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