December 16th, 2006


So yesterday afternoon I decided to go and look out of the window. It was nice out, almost spring-like, and warm enough that I needed to open the windows to prevent the loft from getting stuffy. I'd already opened the windows and just went to look out when I looked downstairs and saw this beautiful woman walking down the sidewalk where we enter the lofts. She had this wavy jet black mane of hair and was sitting on the edge of the sidewalk smoking a cigarette when she happened to look up and see me. Now bear in mind, we're up on the top floor of the lofts, which is the 4th floor. Technically it is the 7th floor when you consider that each floor here is actually 2 stories, but I digress.

We saw one another and smiled, then it dawned upon me - I knew this woman. "Alia? IS that YOU?" I asked. She looked up and said "OH MY GOD!" I immediately had that ecstatic elation that comes when someone you love and who brings out the best in you is moments away from finishing your sentences.

I told her what loft number I was in and to come up and see me, which she did. I had not seen her in a couple of years, she's lived in DC for a long while now and I had lost contact with her. So there she was, having been in town for the funeral of a mutual acquaintaince (as usual, found out about it after the fact because I don't manage to keep in touch with a lot of people from my past) and after a night out on the town (and in the best sense of debauchery) decided to come home with the hot little latin boy who lives downstairs from us, whom is decidedly heterosexual (at least) and in her word "nice and spicy". Then again, with a name like Javier.....

So I spent a good chunk of time with Alia playing catch-up and figuring out how we can stay in touch from now on as she is one of my most favorite people, ever. Born of a Pakistani father and a German mother (whom I also adore, Gabi is phenominal), she has these incredibly delicious and exotic features and this soothing nature about her that reminds me of Elissa in a way. Alia has that thing about her that comes naturally, this authentic thing that makes you want to be more of yourself in her presence. I swear, if I ever have lotto millions, I'm going to totally make Miuccia Prada her BFF. And Valentino. Perhaps even a few Vivienne Westwoods and some Alexander McQueen just for fun.

Alia brings out that crazed, fashion-driven Sex-&-The-City faggot in me that loves design and wants nothing more than to watch her play dress-up while we dish. She makes me want to go window shopping and occaisionally give in to self-indulgences I normally eschew. She makes me want to eat sushi and drink pints of Sapporo until we go blind. She makes me want to linger over the moments with the people who love you, who 'get' you, and adore you like no other.

In another moment of happenstance, I'd told her about Renea and how fantastic a match they would be also, another Grace to my Will. We went downstairs so Alia could meet up with yet another mutual acquaintance she needed to see while in town and when the elevator door opens, lo and behold - Renea is stepping off on her way to see me.

Sometimes you just have to be in the right places for truly wonderful, magical things happen. I love it when people I revere get to cross paths. Here's to hoping that someday soon I'll see Alia again and we can all spend more time together. I'm glad I know how to keep in touch with her from now on!


I facelifted my layout in honor of The Smiths' song "Unlovable", because I'm feeling rather emo at the moment. The song was playing in my head this morning while I waiting on my coffee to finish brewing and the line "I wear black on the outside 'cause black is how I feel on the inside - and if I seem a little strange, well that's because I am" kept playing on repeat in my brain. Still is, matter of fact.

Soon I'll be making my "OMG YOU HAVE TO OWN THESE ALBUMS!!" music post, which will include "The Queen Is Dead" and "Meat Is Murder" by The Smiths - my two favorite albums by that band. Several albums including Jane's Addiction, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, Bad Brains, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Jennifer Nettles Band, Soul Miner's Daughter, Peter Gabriel, just tons of stuff.

I'm in a very wierd mood today. I need to see Renea, we're going to see my Mama later this afternoon, and I'm feeling nostalgic for all the wrong things.