November 18th, 2006

Music Post/Meme

Alright, bitches - I'm creating a meme here. I want you to take music you associate with any time in your life (good or bad), make a sort of theme or soundtrack out of it, use a file sharing service (YouSendIt, MegaUpload, RapidShare, SendSpace, etc.) and post your own.

When I ws a kid, I went skating - A LOT - so here's my contribution, in homage to the Skate Center:

All Skate!!

Now Reverse!!
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I just had a happy childhood memory come and visit me. D is sitting beside me having breakfast that I made for him (hash browns smothered with caramelized onions and fresh mushrooms, smoked ham, and sharp cheddar, and two perfectly fried eggs) and we're watching Boomerang. The Merrie Melodies cartoon where Bugs Bunny is coaching the hunters in a cheer for himself just played. It goes:
Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny
I remembered it immediately and began cheering along, much to the amusement of thedigitalghost. I remembered being the child that always woke up earlier than everyone else on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, which started around 6AM. Merrie Melodies, Looney Toons, Johnny Quest, Tom & Jerry, Sylvester & Tweety, Tom And Jerry, Roadrunner & Wile E. Coyote, which was one of my personal favorites. The episode with the sheep dog, "Steal Wool" - O.....M......G....... And "What's Opera, Doc?" BEST EVAR!!!! Then Soul Train & American Bandstand would come on and you knew the fun was over...

So, my gift to you - an old skool Saturday Morning. Get your Crunch Berries and hang out in your footy pajamas, because these are the fucking BOMB.... an Acme™ bomb, muahahahaha!!

Steal wool

What's Opera, Doc?

(I love you, Monica!)

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If there's a cartoon you're looking for, I recommend the Big Cartoon Database.

From Aravosis:

Oh my buggery bollocks...
Funniest CNN moment, ever

I hate to laugh, because it's a horrible story, but CNN a short while ago reported on a horrific plot to kill all 9 Supreme Court justices, members of the military, and more. Apparently, some incredibly sick woman mailed homemade cookies and chocolates to all 9 justices, and members of the military, and the goodies contained enough rat poison to kill half of Kentucky.

CNN's reporter then dutifully informs us that, fortunately, the killer cookies and candies never got to the justices because of increased security measures adopted after September 11. She then goes on to note that part of the credit for the court's crack security team having foiled this plot also goes to notes included with the cookies and candies saying "I am/We are going to kill you. This is poisoned."

Yeah, that might have helped too.

All I wanted was fish & chips, really!


It was time to pick up dinner before heading back to the loft. D wanted Subway, and I was craving fried fish - so Cap'n D's it was to be. I get to the counter and place my order to go, and begin waiting patiently for it to be ready. Behind me is the crotchetiest, most grizzled old bastard I'd ever had the misfortune to run into in my lifetime. He was exceptionally rude to the staff behind the counter which really raises my hackles and I stood there while they were bagging up my dinner and waiting to see how this was going to play out. The lady who was waiting on me got his order for him - to which he shot back "Well I don't want that one now, make it again!" I made eye contact with the lady, as if to say "Really, all I need is half a reason - you just give me a sign" but she reordered the decrepit old pigfucker's food and made it clear all she wanted was to get him served and out. I lingered for a few seconds and he sat down - so I left.

I stood in the door of the truck and watched through the windows as he stood again at the counter, clearly raising his voice and shaking his fist. D asked what the matter was and I replied "That old bastard in there is about to get his fucking ass kicked, that's what". I gave him the quick and the dirty with my eyes on ol' pigfucker, but D got paged to work and we had to leave.

We got home, and I tried to eat my dinner but couldn't. I told D I had to go back up there and apologize to those ladies, it was just something I had to do. So I did. I got back in the truck and drove up to the restaurant and walked in to the same smiling faces I was greeted by earlier. "Would you like to order, sir?" I explained that I had only been in a few minutes before, and she remembered me. I told her that I was there earlier in front of the rude old motherfucker that showed his ass. I came back because I know what it feels like when you're working and someone is there giving you shit over nothing, and because it's your job you cannot say anything, but I didn't work there and I had no excuse. So I apologized for not defending them against his rudeness, and to let them know that I would never again let an opportunity like that pass me by. I told them that they worked too damned hard to be insulted or humiliated by anyone for any reason, and that I wanted them to know this directly from me. They thanked me and couldn't believe I came all the way back there just for that, and their gratitude only made me feel worse - moreso when they informed me that the real sparks flew after I left.

Then I looked over into the dining room and saw him still sitting there, not a care in the world, just as smug as you please. He even looked over at me and had the audacity to nod his head in that affirmitive "how ya doing" kind of way. It was then that I said "Excuse me, ladies - I'll be RIGHT back" and started towards him. "Sir? SIR!" they called to me. I replied "Don't worry about it, ladies, I won't hurt him - I'm just going to scare him a little and teach him some manners."

He watched me walking towards his table, my eyes fixed on his and my anger visible. I grabbed the chair next to him and sat in it, turning directly to him and leaning in about 8 inches from his face. He stopped chewing and went motionless while I began.

"I just wanted to let you know that I was the man in line in front of you when you took it upon yourself to show your ass to these kind, hardworking ladies like you had any right to dare do such a thing. I couldn't eat my dinner because you fucking ruined it. I wanted you to know that I apologized to those ladies on your behalf for your completely inexcusable behavior, so whatever shame you feel for being such an asshole - and you should feel tremendous shame - that's mine, I own that. I'm burning your face into my memory, old man. If I ever see you again trying to pull this kind of shit on anyone, anywhere, ever, I give a fuck HOW old you are - I will kick your ass up and down whatever building we happen to be in. I just thought you deserved to know that. Enjoy what's left of the dinner that was made for your sorry ass by the ladies you just humiliated you sorry, pathetic, miserable bastard."

I got up to leave, having gotten no response but fear and a shocked look from him, walked back by the front counter to glance again the faces of the ladies who saw and heard everything, all of them beaming and fully vindicated, and said "Ladies, you have a phenominal evening. I'll see you again soon, I hope." They giggled and thanked me again, and told me to hurry back soon.