October 27th, 2006



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Fun With Pr0nz

One of the things I love is finding porn movies with ridiculous titles. Sometimes the titles alone are worth the ensuing giggles, especially when there's a concept like "The Hole", which is a gay porn spoofing the popular film "The Ring". Apparently you're a straighty until you watch this particular video, then in 7 days you're a pickle smoker/pillow biter.

Recently I got a new TLA Video catalog, and a favorite pastime is to go through and find the funny porn movie titles. I've been meaning to post on ths subject for a while now, and finally decided that this was as good a time as any. So here are a few of my current favorite titles (in terms of the lol factor) for your amusement:
  • Deep In The Throat Of Texas
  • Fuck, Suck, Repeat
  • Brandon's Boner Buffet
  • Pokin' In The Boy's Room
  • Guys Gone Wild: Dude, Where's My Pants?
  • Jailhouse Cock
  • Brothas Gettin' Down
  • Don't Kiss Me, I'm Straight
  • Lords Of Cocktown
  • The Man Who Blew Too Much
  • No Cock Left Behind
  • Screamin' For Semen
  • Real Men Suck Cock
  • Sack Wranglers
  • Semen Slurping Man Sluts
  • Sleazy Dick Pigs
  • I Wanna Be Fellated
  • Hot Man Pussy
  • Gushers For Gaggers
  • Butt Stuffers
  • Custom Rims
  • Crazy For Cornholing
  • Butt Crack Mountain
  • Asshole Lickin' Good
  • Ass Masters And Commanders
  • All That Jizz
  • Thug Dick
  • The Da Vinci Load
If you've heard of a really good one or have a suggestion, comment away!


The following message is brought to you by the First Amendment:
If you don't like the Dixie Chicks, DON'T BUY THEIR CD'S, DON'T GO SEE THE MOVIE, AND SHUT THE FUCK UP.

If you don't like homosexual marriage, DON'T MARRY A HOMOSEXUAL AND SHUT THE FUCK UP.

If you have a problem with South Park mocking religion, Jesus, and Steve Irwin, DON'T WATCH SOUTH PARK AND SHUT THE FUCK UP.

If you think Bush should be able to repeat the mistakes made with Katrina all over again, STAB YOURSELF REPEATEDLY AND SHUT THE FUCK UP.

If you are Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, or anyone of their ilk, SHUT THE FUCKING GODDAMNED HELL UP. And eat hot death, also.