October 25th, 2006

More Cracks Are Starting To Show

And by cracks I not only mean the weakened areas, but also exposed asses. First, we'll start with the winner of Fox News' ugliest bobblehead contest (maybe nexy year, Brit), John Gibson, with this gem:
The increase in violence in Iraq is an effort by insurgents to defeat Republicans and put Democrats in control of Congress, warns John Gibson of FOX News.

Gibson says, "If Democrats who hate Bush and who hate the war in Iraq win, the insurgents win. I'm sorry but it's true. America will set a date to get out and Jihad will have carried the day."
No really, I even have video of it:

Fox News John Gibson:
Biggest Douche In The Universe

Then we have Rumsfeld, who agrees Bush is ‘Not Backing Away From Staying The Course’ WHAT? No way! More on the new admin flip-flop on 'staying the course', which apparently was NEVER the case: Two weeks before the election, White House desperately changes message, but not strategy, on Iraq. And who supports the troops? Democrats, THAT'S who. The racist slant comes up again, this time with a different macaca/brown person a Democratic candidate who happens to be nonwhite: Tennessee ad ignites internal GOP squabbling; Corker calls for own party to pull spot some Republicans denounce as racist.

Just in case and if you're able, take off of work on November 7th so you'll have plenty of time to vote. Apparently, with the new machines and the resulting confusion from people unable to follow simple directions (wonder how many people look at a Diebold machine and wonder how many minutes it takes to microwave a bag of popcorn), it's going to be a more-tedious-than-usual process to get in and get out: Potential voting problems loom in U.S. I thought this would have been the case in '04, made worse by the fact that my then polling place was a senior center - but I was in and out in 5 minutes, tops.

In case you missed this one as well, Taliban attacks along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border are up 300%. Georgia10 has more. Ostrich boy Karl Rove sees no GOP Fall in the 2006 election, but flash forward two years when Cheney says Hillary Clinton could win White House. Hang on to your ass for this one, you'll either laugh or explode from the headline alone: Santorum is the only thing standing between us and fascism. I shit you not. Rick Santorum is now trying to convince people that if he doesn't get reelected, we're all going to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Just when you think the conservatives and thier asslickers can stoop no lower, they do. This time with Alex P. Keaton. Apparently his biggest sin was not actually being a Republican, just playing one on TV in the 80's. Rush "The Vulgar Pigboy Limbaugh attacks Michael J. Fox. Oh, the shitstorm coming from this.

Limbaugh on the Michael J. Fox ad:
"He's faking, he's moving all around
and shaking and it's purely an act."

America, land of the free, home of the brave, what a fucking sad joke THAT is under this administration! The 'terraists' hate the freedom we're bringing to Iraq, yet we're #53 in the fifth annual Reporters Without Borders Worldwide Press Freedom Index. Yes, behind Bosnia, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

No, really.

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