September 17th, 2006

Shameless Moneywhoring Ahead, Feel Free To Lose Respect For Me Now...

I have decided that since it's getting cooler and I need warm clothes and since some of you nice people just have WAY too much money that I need LiveJournal longsleeve/regular t-shirts, hoodies, and skullcaps.

Here's to shameless moneywhoring, and since I have no shame and little pride, I'm asking for donations.

In exchange, I'll do soemthing special for you - mix CD's, provocative self-pictures, personalized soemthing-or-other, I just really want some new clothes and LJ clothes are in this season.


My best friend Christi posted pictures of the two of us along with my other best friend Maggie. I'm quoting her directly:

"Zoom right in on us and we look like what we are--three best best friends having a wonderful time!"

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