September 3rd, 2006


I cannot stress how important this is to me, people. If I mean anything to you at all, if reading this blog means anything to you, then PLEASE do this for me.

I need as many people as possible linking to this post using the code below. I'm not asking much, and consider the good you'll be generating in the world by posting this link. I've made it as easy as possible, so please - I don't know how else to say it, this is incredibly important to me - PLEASE copy this code and post it in your journal.

Call me a drama queen, I really don't care - call me whatever you like, just do this one thing for me.


Consider that I have almost 500 people from LiveJournal alone who read this blog - if every one of them reposted this and then the people on their friends lists did the same, it could really do a lot of good in getting this out to people everywhere. Please don't let me down, I'm counting on my friends to help me out and I'm really not asking for much. Please do this for me, and again - thanks in advance.