July 22nd, 2006

Saturday Morning News/Blog Roundup

Mideast Blogging

There are several bloggers in the mideast who are doing excellent jobs of keeping the rest of the world in-the-know, but the Lebanon Israeli Crisis blog is the best, IMHO. He's telling it like it is, complete with images and video. CNN interviewed him via webcam, you can find that here. He also has his recording of the interview available for download in case there are any misquotes or discrepancies in the broadcast interview.

By the way, he's WAY cute. ;-)

Video Post #20

The Ballistic Princess (note Cinderella costume)' new thing is knock knock jokes. Or should I say 'joke", as she only knows one. It's a take on the classic one of banana/orange (cut to eventual punchline "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?") knock knock joke, only to her it's all the same thing. No matter how many times I hear her tell it, she always gets a kick out of me pretending it is the funniest thing I've ever heard.

It is also noteworthy that this sort of thing goes on in my house at least five times daily, where I act a complete fool for the amusement of my family. Had I a jester's hat, I'd wear it proudly.

A word on the dog - We have three dogs, and he's the youngest. The eldest two are the same tan color, he is the only black dog we've ever had - so we named him "Token". Avery decided his name should be "Mr. Pickles", so he answers to that as well. He is extraordinarily nosy and inquisitive, so any kind of goings-on that require investigation he's all up in the middle. He cannot STAND to not be included. I need to put up video of him playing, it's hilarious as well.

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me with this..

Report: Department Of Defense sells sensitive military equipment
Undercover Government Accountability Office agents buy material that should have been destroyed

Government Accountability Office investigators posing as private citizens were able to buy sensitive excess military equipment from a Department of Defense logistics agency, a GAO report obtained by NBC News shows.

The equipment included two launcher mounts for shoulder-fired guided missiles, two guided missile radar test sets, ceramic body armor inserts currently used by deployed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, a digital signal converter used in naval surveillance, an all-band antenna used to track aircraft and 12 digital microcircuits used in F-14 fighter aircraft.

GAO identified at least 79 buyers of 2,669 sensitive items between November 2005 and June 2006.

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THIS is fucking BULLSHIT! How is this even possible? Heads had better roll, and anyone connected with this shit sent straight to jail, do NOT pass go, do NOT collect $200.00 motherfuckers. I am so unbelievably fucking pissed off reading this.
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