July 5th, 2006

Oh well!

BREAKING NEWS: Ken Lay Found Dead
Enron founder Kenneth Lay, who faced decades in prison after his conviction in the collapse of the energy giant, has died, CNN reported Wednesday morning.

Lay died in Aspen, Colo., evidently of a massive heart attack, according to wire reports.

After five days of deliberations in May, jurors in Houston convicted Lay and former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling in the 2001 collapse of the company.

Details are still coming out on it. It will be interesting to see what the final autopsy report reveals. "Heart attack" my achin' ass.

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Just in case, y'know, we weren't overthinking our collective national paranoia enough...

So - who wants to guess what priority Gay Marriage & Flag Burning are taking now? I'm almost tempted to turn on Foxnews & watch them shit themselves, but I don't think I have the stomach for that. Perhaps I'll do the patriotic thing and put on some gogo shorts and a "BIG FAGGOT" t-shirt, and burn a flag on the courthouse steps. Would that make me a flaming flaggot? Wonder how many Conservative Christians I could make explode from it? Sure would be a fun experiement, wouldn't it! I can see the headlines tomorrow: "Local poofter burns flag, no one dies in incident. In other news, local poof in intensive care after mob style beating by Evangelicals, no charges pending..."


So there's this song I've been trying to get for about 5 years now. It's called "Four Wal-Marts" by Baker Maultsby, from the cd "Bingo = Sin". I'm having NO luck whatsoever finding this song anywhere, so I post in the hope that someone can take up the search and help me out. I would be most grateful to have this song in ANY audio format available. I found a 29 second clip of it, but all that did was piss me off.

I *really* REALLY want this song!

Video Post #19

Yes, I was half lit when I recorded this video post. Yes, I drank more beer in the past two days than I can remember drinking ever before in a span of two and a half days. Yes, it was the liquid courage that enabled me to be on that balcony high above the rednecks, their unwashed children and teenaged miscreants, and assorted other riff raff. Eye candy everywhere, all except for the poor unfortunate soul who resembled Sloth from The Goonies. It took everything I had not to blurt out "ROCKY ROAD!!" at the pool once the initial beer buzz kicked in - what can I say, the sauce makes me mean.

I managed to be almost mostly drunk (or at least consistently buzzed) for two days without getting into any fights, but my inner tree huger kicked in each morning when I'd go for an early beach walk and clean up all of the beercans & trash left over from the previous night's asshole litterbugs.

I'm sunburned on about 1/3 of my back from forgetting to reapply sunscreen after swimming, but it's alright. Time on the beach was great, the Gulf was warm & clear and I swam quite a bit. What I really wanted to do was swim naked, but there were far too many folks around and, well, I prefer not getting arrested on vacation. And I'll be damned if I'm getting in any more than ankle deep after dark.

The best part of it all was being there for D's first time ever swimming in the ocean, nothing will ever replace that for me. As for PCB, I'm done - don't think I'll ever be going there again. It's not what I remember, it's way too touristy, and I'm not in high school on spring break anymore. I'm thinking secluded &/or nude beaches from here on out when the urge to be near the ocean kicks up in me.