June 19th, 2006


Jeanette Walls has got to go. For evidence, I give you:
Paris Hilton thinks that the cut-off jeans and low-cut top that pregnant Britney Spears wore when she was interviewed by Matt Lauer wasn’t the wisest wardrobe choice. The partying heiress, not known for modesty in her own dress, opines: “She should have worn a really cute maternity dress.”
Nonsense the ilk of this, however small and insignificant, does not qualify as news and furthermore will only be of interest to people who should never have internet access in the first place.

Give Keith Olbermann a raise and fire Tucker Carlson also.

Werd to tha muthaberd,
In other completely irrelevant news, I'm sure everyone by now has caught wind of the 'scandal' that has outed former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken. For those not in the know, apparently Ms. Aiken ordered up a former Green Beret & Army Ranger by the name of John Paulus online for a hotel room tryst. Said military man got his feelings hurt when the possible suggestion of a relationship was spurned by Aiken, so he created a blog to out him. The details are wierd, if not downright creepy, coming to light in a Howard Stern interview. The most surprising allegation? Get ready for this, it's a good one. No, really - I'm still laughing. Okay, here goes.

Apparently, Clay Aiken is a top!



Let that one marinate for a few seconds, but no more than 10 or blood will fly out of your nose.

</queen, please>