May 27th, 2006

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Saturday Morning Blog/News Roundup

Memorial Day post coming later, possibly tomorrow. It's going to be pretty intense. For now, this'll be good for a giggle:

If I were the mother of those children, I'd kill myself, I swear.

Man throws 2 kids, self off 15th floor of hotel
Family vacation ends tragically for children, ages 4 and 8; mom unhurt
MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - A man killed his two young children by throwing them off the 15th floor of a landmark South Beach hotel and then jumped to his own death Saturday, police said.

The children were 4- and 8-years-old and the family was vacationing from Alton, Ill., said Bobby Hernandez, Miami Beach police spokesman.

The children’s mother was not physically injured, Hernandez said.

The identities of the family members were not immediately released by police.

The family was staying at the Loews Hotel in South Beach on Saturday morning, when the mother heard one of her children screaming from an adjacent hotel room. When she walked into the room she saw her husband going over the balcony, Hernandez said.

When the woman looked over the railing she saw her husband and her two children lying on the mezzanine roof, which is about two floors off the ground.

The woman told police that the couple had been having marital problems for the past six months, Hernandez said.

Hernandez said the family had been celebrating the couple’s 10th wedding anniversary.

“It’s a terrible tragedy. It’s unfortunate that this gentleman was so selfish and in an effort to get back at his wife he took the two most loved people in the world away from her,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez said the woman does not know why her husband did this.

“There was no indication that he would be capable of doing something as horrible as this,” Hernandez said. “She’s totally in shock that this has happened and doesn’t know why he did what he did.”

People in neighboring rooms told police they didn’t hear anything.

The three bodies were still on the scene, but will be transported to the medical examiner’s office, said Cynthia Larson, a medical examiner’s office investigator.

Police wheeled the bodies into the hotel on gurneys covered in red sheets and took down a white tent, which had previously been placed over them on the roof. Outside the hotel there few indications of the events, except two police cars parked in the front.

Hotel guest Christopher Carreras of New York, who is staying on the 14th floor, said he could see where the victims had fallen.

“They already had tents covering the bodies. You can’t see nothing. It’s like a big awning,” said Carreras.

A Loews Hotel spokeswoman in Miami would not comment but said there was an ongoing police investigation.

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On The Thing That Forever Murdered God.

I cannot stress the importance of this post to me, what it means to me, what it has come to represent. If you have any spine whatsoever, you will read every word of this post. You will suffer each syllable and burn each image into your minds, you will feel the blinding pain of it all, and you will do so in order that homage is paid to all of those who felt it in real time so that we would hopefully never have to, even though we still do to this very day. It is happening right now. As I type this, men, women, and children are being hacked to death with machetes in great numbers in Darfur. I'd never imagined when learning as a child about the holocaust that I would ever feel the experience of shame from the reality of genocide in my lifetime, yet it continues to happen.

I made a post a few weeks ago on faith in God, and asked why you believe or do not believe. That post led me to this one. I'm curious about how the faithful can maintain their belief in the face of things like Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bergen-Belsen, Treblinka, Mauthausen, Sobibor. It was all I could do to not hate the idea of God after finding out about these things when I tried in vain to believe so many years ago, but I've learned not to hate something that holds no value within me in the first place. Instead, I want to use a loud voice in opposition to injustice and inhumanity. This is what gave birth to this, written for this Memorial Day, an extension of the Auschwitz memorial post I made last year. It will hopefully serve as a reminder for the shame I hope is felt every time you complain about something, anything insignificant. The guilt I hope eats you alive whenever you throw away your energy on something stupid, or whenver you don't hold the people you love in the highest value and esteem. The shame you should feel for not living a better life as a better person; a giving, selfless, humble being that is worth knowing. So who are you?

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"Work Brings Freedom" © Jude Bennett, 2002

On this Memorial Day, which is observed to remember those military service members who died in honor and service of our country, I ask that you also remember those who died for no reason whatsoever, who were not afforded any choice, all around the world - even as I type this last sentence. Remember them, honor their lives, never forget they were here.