May 19th, 2006

Vanity Fair, More Christian Hysterics, and More Too-Small Band-Aids on Too-Big Wounds

I don't normally tout Vanity Fair, even though it is the only magazine I read, really. I used to read Food & Wine and several other publications on different interests, but I'm so addicted to news, politics, current events and such that I've lost my interest in them. On occaision I'll find an in-store magazine in Barnes & Noble that I'll put down my Photoshop books to flip through over coffee, usually something on the BMW 6, 7, or M Series or something on photography or architecture - but I still love Vanity Fair. Part of what I love about Vanity Fair is the way they juxtapose a really well crafted article on some political scandal, a murder mystery, or conditions within regimes of a war-torn country with the new ridiculously huge replica of the palace at Versailles that the Sapersteins built - or the bitter, multi-million dollar divorce between Kirk Kerkorian and his latest wife, or some vapid celebrity whose only claim to fame is less than nothing. Case in point, the current issue's story on Nicole Richie. Bear in mind that I have to put up with this kind of tripe in order to get to the good stuff, but I'll generally fold over the pages of these kinds of crap articles so as to not even have to look at them.

Then you have the really great articles, like the current ones on Anderson Cooper (Anderson Cooper's Private Storm; p. 138), Dick Cheney (A Face Only A President Could Love; p. 124), Anthony Pellicano (Talk Of The Town; p. 88), Hurricane Katrina/New Orleans (How New Orleans Drowned; p. 130), and the ever fantastic columns of Dominic Dunne who in this issue takes on the discovery of a cache of Truman Capote's true-crime notes & letters and the brutal stabbing death of disgraced developer Andrew Kissel, all in Greenwich, CT.

The article by historian Douglas Brinkley on Katrina/New Orleans and all of the players involved (Gov. Blanco, Mayor Nagin, former FEMA director Michael Brown, Homeland Security puppet-in-chief Michael Chertoff, and Der Chimpenfurher is actually an excerpt from his new book, The Great Deluge, and is VERY intriguing. Next I'm reading the Anderson Cooper article, I love his CNN show and have always enjoyed his reporting - never as much as when he called Senator Landrieu (D-LA) out for inapropriate behavior when she was giving out her thank-yous on air for the efforts being made in NoLa, he stopped her dead in her tracks and angrily retorted the fact that people in her position ought not play politics on air with him, in particularly when the body of the cadaver on the sidewalk behind him was being gnawed upon by rats - it was awesome. I'll find video of it, I know I have the clip somewhere. Ah - Crooks & Liars has it here.

Onto a couple of other things - things I'm only making a couple of mentions on for the moment as I'm backlogged on my posting here.

First The Davinci Code. If you don't want to see it, then by all means, go to Mass and don't see it. Go to IHoP, go to an antiabortion or promisekeepers' rally, stay at home or goo see MI3 - I don't care, just shut up about The goddamn Davinci motherfucking Code. If your faith is so fragile and thin that it cannot be held up to scrutiny, let alone a work of fiction, then deal with that please and SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. Faith is a choice, not a given. If you are to take scripture literally, that is a choice as well and if you believe it to be fact, that is your opinion - but let's not confuse opinion with what can be proven by evidence and supportive, tangible, irrefutable fact. Live however you choose, but remember the whole free will thing and don't bother minding MY business or I'll punch you in the neck and dare you to say something about it.

Second, the billion dollar border fence. The one that's supposed to cost an estimated $3 million per mile, for approximately 380+ miles. This is reportedly just the cost of building this bullshit, not the annual cost of maintaining it and staffing the people to do so. Maybe the bid for it will go to Halliburton, like everything else does. Maybe it'll go to the ACOE, who'll likely build a levee around the Rio Grande - all two feet's worth of its depth, even though it'll invariably fail, then call it a day. I'm not going to get into the host of other things going on within this country that are absolutely sucking us dry financially, save for the three obvious ones - oil/gas prices, Iraq, and the coming hurricane season's promise of more devestation when the Gulf Coast is still 80% unprepared. Do we really need another exhorbitantly expensive Band-Aid that is far too small for the wound it's supposed to cover? If you really want to secure the Mexican border, just put up posters of Ann Coulter's cooze - the serrated teeth in that thing will make the run back for sure.

And did I mention that the powers that be are this very week pushing for the Federal Marriage Amendment? It is going back to the floor the first week of June, but isn't expected to pass, thank Darwin. BTW, Russ Feingold is my hero. Feingold/Obama 2008!!!! How can they even be entertaining the mere idea of such inane, ridiculous nonsense as the FMA again at a time when everything else is in such disarray? The answer is politics and the fact that the GOP collective has been giving the ol' reach around and licking the asshole of the Religious Reich for so long now that with polls on the administration AND Congress at an all-time low, it's time to get some payback. They're the base, afterall - to ensure that no one gets 'Left Behind', it's time to do their bidding - however wrong, blasphemous, antichristian and unamerican it may be. How much longer before I start my campaign to ban Republican/Christian marriage? I can feel the t-shirts and bumperstickers coming on already.

I had an interesting dream last night that I actually remembered, oddly enough - I don't normally retain much of my dreams for longer than a few minutes upon waking up, then they disappear like steam does in the air. D and I went to the space/science center downtown last night for some empoyee apprecaition thing his company was doing, and while there we saw a cool show on the solar system in the planetarium. Peraps this is why I had a dream about the 'dreamhouse' I have floating around in my mind, but anyway I dreamt of it last night again and as is usuallythe case whenever I'm doing that it looks completely different than what I'd imagined the last time. We also had two pugs in the dream, one named Juno and the other I cannot recall a name for. Either way they were both fantastic and gave fabulous puppy kisses, which I love. Oh, back to the house. Lots of concrete, iron, steel, and granite. Very dark in the lower areas, very light in the upper. I got the feeling it was some kind of factory space initially, the walls were very thick and the ceilings very high. It's hard trying to rehash it, so I'll stop.