May 2nd, 2006

On Religion, Faith, Godlessness, And Why You Really Need To Just Mind Your Own Fucking Business

A few days ago I posted links to two columns written for on the varying subjects of religious and atheistic extremism, science, secularism, and the fallacies within each. These are subjects of particular interest to me and always have been for a myriad of reasons. To begin with, I love intelligent debate. I'm intellectually turned on by any discourse wherein each side is passionate about their respective positions, yet seeks out the strongest opposing arguments to attack as opposed to the weakest ones which obviously is the easiest (and coincidentally the most boring) route to take. It also shows a strong foundation for grounding each system of belief structure, which is ultimately more persuasive than argument for the sake of argument or olympiad of semantics.

To be fair in presenting both stories, each of which I found very provocative and inspiring, they really should be presented as point/counterpoint - and not in the genius way that The Onion does. So here I'm reheating this all up again. My hope is that I'll get a whole slew of comments to this post and it'll open up dialogue for anyone who chooses to respond and keep up with the thread. I have many intellectuals who read this blog, many friends whom I revere not only for their opinions but their passion and humor, and I look forward to responses from each. city_of_dis, joeatlarge, ladysisyphus, thedigitalghost, envirobear, die7fox, arie, rahaeli, bubba, totheunknown, tons of you from every background conceivable, I'm eager for everyone's contributions and rebuttals to these columns. I want comments from anyone that happens to read this, everyone's point is valid to them and may well resonate with others.

Too many people use LiveJournal to post bullshit memes and complete crap in the name of getting 'lulz', and that's fine - your LJ, do what you want. Myself, I would rather gargle used motor oil and thumbtacks, but you do what you want. I want people to read something intelligent and have/contribute an opinion of their own about it. Here are the columns, read away and comment on whatever you feel hits you in the right or wrong spots - then get ready to be challenged by others and prepare to learn a few things. It is good to have your beliefs challenged, it serves to help you reaffirm your existing beliefs/values/morals, or it serves to change your mind in favor of something you find more agreeable. Either thing is good and we all benefit from one or the other, so bear that in mind.

Atheist Whackjobs: The Left's Own Religious Extremists
by Melinda Barton
Published: Saturday April 23, 2006 [link]
We Should All Be Secularists by PZ Myers
Published: Saturday April 29, 2006 [link]

What say you?