April 22nd, 2006

Get Linked!

I've been getting a good bit of email from bloggers inside and outside of LJ asking to be added to the blogroll list in the sidebar of my layout. I have no problem at all adding someone's blog link as long as they'll link back to me. If you'd like to be added, please comment here with the URL to your blog, a brief description of it, and I'll add the link as I get the opportunity to do so.


Seriously, watch this video. I'm a mouthy bastard, and I am almost at a complete loss for words. Well, almost. Make sure you only watch from the 3:30 mark until the 4:36 mark. Never in my life have I ever been so completely disturbed by 1. a Christer giving a banana a handjob (banjob?); & 2. an obviously closet homochrister offering an explanatory amberture for the way a 'banana' is designed to fit in one's mouth. Get over yourself, queen - clearly you're talking about the cock, and don't lie - you know you've throated your fair share of them. I'd be willing to bet that if this guy burped and you were close enough, you'd smell Kirk Cameron's asshole. Speaking of, what the hell happened to you, Mike Seaver???

</creeped out>

hat tip to John @ C&L & The Disgruntled Chemist for this gem!

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EDIT: OH. MY. GOD.I'M.FUCKING.BLEEDING. Let me just say now that I can't get past the idea of a chimp evolving through three transitional forms into Kirk Cameron, because that shitstain alone is enough reason to disprove evolution. However, in the right context and succession of evolving intelligence, we'd have to put this into a reverse order for the sake of accuracy.

Alright, Bitches.

Part of the reason I posted about the Gay Agenda a few days ago was to humor and hopefully get a little inspiration going in the name of getting people to actually think. There's a lot riding on us these days, and none of it is shit we have asked for. So whether you're a homo, a dyke, inbetween or just friends of the family, start giving some thought to what's really going on. MSNBC put up a story I hope everyone reads:

Winning at Any Cost
Karl Rove’s ‘demotion’ simply means he’ll have more time to focus on keeping the Congress in GOP hands. Will the win-at-any-cost tactics backfire?
The White House makeover team got the headline they wanted: that Karl Rove was demoted and taken out of the policy loop. Rove could lose his ground-floor West Wing office and have to settle for less prestigious quarters on the second floor. He might even be banished to the stately Old Executive Office Building, which is the equivalent of Siberia for tender White House egos.

Aside from the decline in property value, Rove is probably not displeased that he’ll spend less time overseeing policy and can devote himself to his divide-and-attack plans for keeping the Congress in Republican hands. State initiatives banning gay marriage and gay adoption are ready to go, but worn-out wedge issues may not be enough to save the GOP this time. Republicans weren’t clamoring for Rove’s ouster; they just want him to get back his groove in time for November.

MyDD blogged about it, and brought up some very important issues in posing the question "Where's the Strategy on Gay Issues for 2006?" Yes, give them enough rope and they hang themselves - but that's hardly enough. It's never been merely the problem of a rubberstamp House/Senate, it's the rubberstamp voters who vote solely along party lines that kick our asses. There are always going to be the rednecks that would vote for Hitler as long as he was part of "My Daddy's party and my Grandaddy's party and my Great-Grandaddy's party..." and that's not likely to ever change. My question, aside from when will the Dems get some great big cojones, is where is the strategy? It's certainly not forthright. Who has the goods?