April 15th, 2006

In Savannah

So we're in Savannah, staying at the most swank Hampton Inn EVAR, on Bay just a block from River Street and within walking distance of City Market and Paula Deen's The Lady & Sons. We're on the 4th floor overlooking Reynolds Square, it's pretty nice. I'm going to go to the roof before we go to River Street to hopefully get some decent pictures of the waterfront and the squares - we shall see.

We drove out to Tybee Island this moring as planned and took pictures of the sunrise on the beach (as evidenced at right and behind the cut below), then came back to the hotel to have breakfast.

Yesterday we spent the majority of the day on the road driving across the state. Being that we live in Columbus, which is on the Georgia/Alabama state line, and Savannah is on the east coast, we literally did drive across the entire state. We went to the wedding rehearsal/rehearsal dinner yesterday evening in Hinesville, which is about 30 minutes drive away from Savannah, and it was great. Tami's (the bride) parents live here, and that's where the dinner was. Afterwards, we drove straight away to the hotel to get ready for bed, and crashed fairly soon after arriving and checking in.

Today, my little brother gets married. I'm ecstatic for them both as I love them dearly, and am honored to be the photographer on this incredible day. Here's to hoping I don't have to choke anyone the fuck out. *crosses fingers, toes, and eyes*

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Best Darksyde (http://darksyde.dailykos.com/) diary post EVAR!

If I Were A Christian
If I were Christian, I'd have to guess that Christ doesn't care what the heck you call yourself, Republican, Democrat, Boy Scout, Muslim, Hindu or even atheist; it's your deeds that count, your actions that matter, and your character that defines you. Good people are identified as good by the good deeds they do, while evil people are identified by doing evil deeds. I'd point out clearly that arguing for the cult like worship of any human being, in any nation, as an inerrant God like leader, praising warfare or terrorism, the repression and bombing of innocent civilians, arguing that torture or murder or genocide is a good thing, and defending the wealthy and powerful, is completely at odds with what Christ clearly taught. Collapse )

Six Degrees Of Biscuit

I was reading in the WaPo earlier, and came across a front page piece by David Finkel, who in the past has written in a very stealthy way that forces you to decide on your own about a particular piece, which I admire. This one was no exception. It's called The Left, Online and Outraged - Liberal Blogger Finds an Outlet and a Community, and it does a good job of expounding on why we're so pissed off. Examples like this show a journalist who writes on controversial topics like this particular one in a seemingly altruistic way, because it's turned in recent years into a chaotic mess whereby pseudo-pundits masquerading as 'journalists' have been killing the real journalists, themselves forced to work for better copy when the bloggers are beating them to it, oftentimes without the expensive resources afforded the 'legitimate' reporters, and STILL doing a better job. Not to say that there aren't bloggers and pundits alike who write complete crap. The article was also blogged by The Rude One, about whom I've waxed rapturously, writing up a post centering around Maryscott O'Connor's blog, My Left Wing. I posted links to her only last week, I think. She's one of my particular favorite bloggers.

The piece Finkel wrote was pretty indulgent, but it gets the point across, which for me is paint us into any corner you want, but don't try and act like we haven't earned our collective anger. I was checking Technorati to see who's linking to what so I'm not overstepping anything important in my limited time online today, and lo and behold, Maryscott has me listed in her sidebar of blogs to read! I'm linked as "Politics, Sex, Humor, Complete Dysfunction, & Assorted Other Musings", which is the current name of this LJ. Wow, let's hear it for the mutual admiration society, I'm honored! It appears I'm getting famous in the blogosphere outside of LJ. Now if only RP would hold dear a dream of a crazed weekend in a hotel suite in Santa Fe, with mezcal, peyote, and a live trio of tribal drummers - and ME, I'd be not only honored, but strutting.

Annoy.com has published a story that mentions me a couple of times as well, called The Gay Agenda - I'm even quoted directly, IN CONTEXT this time around. I'm also on two other blogs, one about my preferred brand of poppers, oddly enough, the other about poppers in general. I'm even pictured on that one! I really should send them one of myself with a bottle crammed up my nose and a toy crammed... well, nevermind that. I'm honored by the mention here as well, thanks fellow pervs!