March 25th, 2006

MMMM Poppers


I love the internet, I swear I do. I went looking for info on poppers, and boy did I find it. Everything from this, to this. There are even blogs offering tips and first time stories, even a comic character for fuck's sake!

Did you know there's even a song about poppers? It's hilarious! Truly demented fags & hags will LOVE this.

Cookie & Cashetta - Just A Quick Sniff Of Poppers

Tired of losing your posts before you can post them? Get a client, preferrably Semagic.

I've been using the ljwin32_semaSemagic client exclusively for a long time now to make all of my posts, so long in fact that I cannot remember using the update portal. Recently a friend posted about a problem all of us who blog have had at one time or another, writing up a big post and then the web interface you're using to post with eats the post and it is gone forever. Having that happen to me once was what led me to seek alternatives for posting to LJ, and in my search I found what IMHO is the best client for this purpose.

A lot of people still don't know about client software and just how much easier it makes blogging, so I'm writing this to clear some of that up. I'm linking to several pictures I have uploaded as well, screenshots to illustrate what I'm talking about. I'd post them here, but that would be a huge pain in the ass so I'll just link to them.

You can auto-login when you open the client, or set it to hide your password and only login when it is given. Multiple users can run the client, it repsonds individually to logged in users. This is a screenshot of my Semagic client open, configured for me. This client is infinitely customizable, you make it work for YOU. What I've done is to set options for general, editor, and view, and save. You can even make bullets or numbered lists. If you have a paid account, you can upload images to your scrapbook galleries (here's the upload interface).

One of the best features in this client is the ability for users to create their own Macros. You copy/paste something, assign it a command or hot key, (like Ctrl + C = copy, Ctrl + V = paste) and it pastes whatever you tell it to paste. You also have a Macros toolbar button that catalogues your macros for easier access. By simply highlighting the text in your entry and chosing a button in the toolbar to click on, you can change the size, color, font, and alignment. The code is generated around the highlighted text, and you can confirm the changes before posting by clicking the Preview button which opens the post in a browser window before posting. VERY handy. Editing your last entry or choosing to edit a recently posted entry is a lot easier now as the client retrieves the entry from the site and allows you to edit it in the main window if you choose (Options/History). You can make lj-cuts much easier, as well as posting usernames (toolbar button) - same feature available for communities. There's a fly out menu for posting to communities. You have security options in another flyout, and can set defaults for them as well. Choose your icon from icon keywords in yet another flyout, as well as tagging your entries.

This post is all about helping others, so by all means please pimp it out and share with others. Not all of us are as proficient in this stuff, so I'm happy to handwalk those in need of it by sharing a good thing. Link directly to this post if you want to, help your friends out. If you're a Semagic user and think I have left out anything I should include here, kindly comment away and I'll edit to include anything necessary. This post, like all of the others, is taggable by anyone for future reference. A list of my tagged entries can be found here, as well as in the bottom left sidebar of my layout.