February 5th, 2006

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For an excellent read on the subject of the questionable comics that originally ran in Jyllands-Posten, see ladysisyphus' post here. She has a way of saying exactly what I want to say as I'd say it were I as clever and composed. I think it is also very interesting that Muslims the world over are calling for a boycott of all things the Danes export, and conversely the first thing I think of when considering what they are famous for is Danish ham.

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Matthews says maybe liberals and gays burned down churches in the south

On his TV show tonight Chris Matthews suggested, without any proof at all, that maybe liberals or gays were responsible for a series of terrible church burnings last night in central Alabama. Here's what Matthews had to say about it tonight on Hardball (see the video here):
MATTHEWS:Is there anything in the papers down there where a Baptist church has taken a position on some social issue, gay marriage, something that's hot, where that would have aroused somebody?

ATF AGENT CAVANAUGH: I haven't seen that Chris, but it's very viable because we had an arson at a Unitarian churchin rural Virginia, back in the summer, and it was right after the church at a national level had embraced gay members. There was an attack on this church in Staunton (?), Virginia, so things like that can happen.

MATTHEWS: That's why I'm thinking like that because the more liberal churches would drive some people on the right crazy and maybe a more liberal person, who's gay for example, would feel that they've been terrorized by the beliefs of another church too. We don't know.
No, we don't know, Chris, so why suddenly suggest that liberals might be the felons?

First,note how, out of nowhere, Matthews starts surmising that maybe aliberal, a gay liberal in fact, might have burned down these churches.Matthews had no facts suggesting this. And in fact, the history of politically-motivated terrorism and murder in the United States shows a pattern of right-wing extremists executing abortion providers, burning down health clinics, and murdering gays, blacks, and Jews among others.There is no history whatsoever of liberals and/or gays systematically engaging in violence against conservatives or their churches.

Also,note how the federal agent, in response to Matthews' question, explains that yes, in fact, a more liberal church was burned, possibly by conservatives upset with its liberal ideology (judging the anti-gay slurs written on the church, read the article), the agent says. Matthews' response? He ignores the agent's point that in fact a liberal church was attacked by conservative extremists, and turns the question around again to suggest that liberals, and especially a gay liberal, might have set the fire.

By the way, does Matthews focus on whether a Klansman might have burned the church - i.e., someone who actually has a record of attacking churches? No. Chris Matthews and MSNBC again label liberals as terrorists.

This message of hate and bigotry brought to you by Verizon, Pearle Vision, Office Depot, Bayer Aspirin, Intuit and Toyota.

UPDATE:I didn't realize that Matthews also went down this path at the beginning of the Hardball broadcast as well. Here's what he asked the pastor of one of the churches.
MATTHEWS: Tell me about whatyou think may have, is there any hint as to what's behind this, all these churches getting torched last night?... Is there any issue within the Baptist affiliation, any issues that have caused a lot of anger,any reason why a person would not like the positions taken by your churches?
In court, Chris, we call that leading the witness.


But even more pathetic are the advertisers who insist on sponsoring this garbage. Stay tuned for next week's actions against these sponsors,that's when things are going to get real creative and fun.

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"While we say goodbye to Mrs. King today, we must honor her life by
working toward the shared vision of an American society that values
individual freedom, equality and content of character above all else."
-- Bill Frist, the racist bastard who refused to comdemn lynchings of blackpeople

No, really.