January 22nd, 2006

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"Talk show hosts like Hannity, O'Reilly and Limbaugh act like they know all about war; then they refuse to give any credence to soldiers like me who have been to war and seen the brutality of war. These guys are nothing but WEAK SPINELESS COWARDS hiding behind microphones while soldiers come home and are losing everything they have."
--Spc. Doug Barber, who took his own life Tuesday, after struggling with PTSD for two years

Full Text Of His Letter | Blog: Soldiers telling the Truth about Iraq -- what you wont hear
Meanwhile, long before the announced closing of Walter Reed Hospital, my friend Brian had come home from his 1st deployment with an injury that rendered him disabled and having sustained future life threatning complications. Brian's wife is our friend Roberta, who was Cole's soccer coach. His children are Brandon and Rebecca, and he may not live to see either of them graduate high school. At the hospital he got reacquainted with soldiers he'd served alongside with in his military career, some missing limbs, some blinded, at least one completely catatonic. All said the same thing to him, corroborrating the 'deal' offered to them all from our government - the last remaining 'super power' on earth - we'll let you retire now at 20%. These are men & women that, thanks to the Bush administration, will require specialized long term care at a significant expense (to say nothing of the level of care unavailable in places even like Walter Reed) not provided by military medical institutions.

I stress again that I take personal issue with this as a family member with a sibing and a nephew serving tours of duty in Iraq & Afghanistan RIGHT NOW, and as a resident in a huge military town with numerous friends currently or previously stationed here. If the Bushites want to continue this bullshit, FINE - let them send their own:

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World O'Crap

Next to The Rude One, none is finer at snark and sarchasm than World O'Crap. Friday's post on Kate O'Beirne's Book got me giggling, and I revisited a few choice gems from the past. I figured they'd go over wel with the rest of you, so I link to them now.


I'm going to explode, I fucking SWEAR I am. Just when you didn't think you needed them, I have more reasons why hardline Republicans and conservatives in general are completely out of touch with reality. I am sick and fucking tired of these shitstains exploiting the braindead automatons that they are only a breath away from being their goddamned selves. From the Terri Schiavo spectacle to motherfuckers like Sean Hannity vexing about how he visited some soldiers at a hospital and seeing them made him cry and hate liberals who wanted out of the war even more. Now they're going even younger and using a child as their puppet martyr!

Case in point, Haleigh Poutre. Stupid-Fucking-Conservative at bat, hypocrite extraordinaire Michelle Malkin, with pieces (of utter shit) like "HALEIGH WANTS TO LIVE" and "BLOGGING FOR HALEIGH". She even throws a miniscule barb at John Cole in reference to his post called "Dear God, Not Again.".

I really wished someone would come along one day and just smack the everliving shit out of Michelle Malkin, preferrably with the slothlike, severed hands of Ann Coulter's corpse.

And try as I may, I still am having a hard time liking John McCain - even when he gives good enough reasons to forget he's a big Bush ass kisser when you get down to it. Here's a transcript of a recent Chris Wallace interview, see for yourself.

There's a lot worth blogging on today, but I''ve had a pretty gnarly sore throat all day and I'm in no mood to post about the things I think are relevant right now. Check out Raw Story for a lot of it, enough to make your head split open. Not as much as the Democrats once again being giant pussies by caving in, apologizing, and regretfully begging forgiveness, but you get the idea. Hillary, please give Harry Reid back his fucking balls.

Oh yeah, about Hillary and the now infamous plantation one-liner. What the fuck did she say that was NOT dead-on-balls accurate? Stop being so goddamned sensitive about this crap and see it for the truth it is, people. Fuck you and your goddamned double standards. Yeah, Ray Nagin was idiotic for speaking for God, but no less idiotic than ANYONE who claims the same - but that was about it.

On a final note, I love Rachel Maddow even more now for this "Oh, SNAP!!" moment on MSNBC during a Tucker "I look like a fucking dink with this bowtie" Carlson interview:
This is a global war on terror. This is a war for you or for us to win. You need patience...He [Osama bin Laden, in reference to the newest audiotape] sounds like Ken Mehlman when he's saying that only less gay. I mean this is ridiculous.
MSNBC scrubbed it from the transcript, but C&L has the video. To quote John Aravosis, "So, it's okay to say that Bin Laden sounds like Michael Moore and John Kerry, but it's not okay to say he sounds less gay than Mehlman." 'nuff said.

Have a good week, LiveJournal.