January 2nd, 2006

Markos on MSNBC/Lynndie "Uglier'n A Bulldog's Asshole" England/The War On America

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Abu Ghrabi figure England burnt in prison mishap

Kharma Bum Lynndie England
Kharma Bum Lynndie England
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Lynndie England, the U.S. soldier incarcerated for abusing detainees in Iraq, was badly burnt in a prison kitchen accident, her mother said on Thursday.

England, who was pictured holding a leash to a naked, hooded Iraqi inmate at the Abu Ghraib prison, was sentenced in September to three years for her part in the abuse scandal that sparked worldwide outrage. She is now confined to the Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar in San Diego, California.

England works in the prison's kitchen, where she suffered second- and possibly third-degree burns from being splattered with grease over her chest as she removed chickens from a tall oven, her mother, Terrie England, said in an interview.

"She was in severe pain," she said of the December 14 incident. "Everybody in the prison heard the scream."

Terrie England, who is caring for England's infant during her incarceration, faulted prison officials for not giving better treatment during a visit to the emergency room.

"They gave her nothing," she said. "When this happened I was furious. ... To think they give you nothing for pain."

Brewster Schenck, a spokesman for Consolidated Brig Miramar, confirmed England had been assigned to the kitchen, where inmates prepare and serve food mostly for other prisoners. He declined to discuss the accident or her medical condition.

Terrie England said the arrival of her daughter at the military prison caused a lot of curiosity, including autograph requests. "It wasn't just prisoners, it was guards and everything," she said.

She said Lynndie England had been taking a Bible prayer class in prison and telephoning home from prison about once a week.

In a September interview with Reuters, England blamed her involvement in the Abu Ghraib scandal on then-lover Charles Graner, who is serving a 10-year sentence on abuse charges and is the father of her baby.


Rebuttal from Wonkette:
"It's officially okay if this news brings you a measure of delight. In the town where Su Lin hangs her less-cute-than-the-Stick head, iconic Abu Ghraib figure Lynndie England, currently stuck in a military stir for detainee abuse, was badly burned when she was splattered with scalding chicken grease.

The pain was no doubt exquisite, and England's mother was reportedly furious over the treatment she received at the emergency room: "They gave her nothing...To think they give you nothing for pain." We had thought that the disciplined training most soldiers receive condition them to bravely fight through pain. Maybe that's just a quality shared by soldiers that don't massively dishonor their service and country.

Well, from all of us at Wonkette, we'd like to wish Lynndie England a big fat boo-fucking-hoo."
Speaking of Wonkette, there's a VERY interesting post there that merits an added US $.02 from me, O' opiner that I am. First, read this: We Bombed In Baghdad. Now here's what's interesting about this post and what was so glaringly obvious to me. This is going to look like I'm about to equate Stonewall with the war in Iraq, but really I'm not. I'm a lot more concerned about the war on American Democracy, frankly. THAT merits drawing a comparison.

For whatever reason (and I have several suspicious ones: oil, greed, the ultimate one-up of Daddy's failed war effort, "We know Bin Laden's in Afghanistan, HEY LOOK!! It's Saddam Hussein next door!! but, but, but Al Queda's really in Iraq!! let's bring freedom and democracy to Iraq!!), King George goes steamrolling into Baghdad with both guns blazing. First it was retribution for 9/11, then when that didn't wash it became WMD's, then when THAT didn't wash it was all under the guise of bring freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people. I swear, the reasoning here changes more than a kid's excuses for why he didn't do what you told him to do when you told him to do it.

This ruse of bringing freedom and democracy, religious and civil liberties, etc. to Iraq is a nice pipe dream, Duhbya - it really is - but you're hardly qualified to do that when your own base is ripping those very same ideals from your OWN people left, right, and fucking center. You spy on your own people illegally, you blur the line more than it could have ever afforded to be blurred for the good of us all between the separation of powers (to say nothing of the separation of Church & State), you get the religious wingnuts into a frenzy everytime you try and cover up your own failures, and then we're all at one another's throats as if the entire country's collective consciousness were locked up in the Superdome. You create more division and revulsion in the name of unifying than any other president in history! You and the fundie army you have curled at your feet have dropped the ball more times than any of us could fathom, man. Between Iraq, Bin Laden & Al Qaeda, FEMA, Plamegate, the NSA, SCOTUS nominations, the 9/11 fallout, and this is just a FEW of the things I'm giving credence to right now, people's lives and civil liberties are hanging by a thread. And the partisan hacks and Neocon pundits' comeback whenever you throw this stuff out? "BUT CLINTON GOT A BLOWJOB! BOO!! HISS!!" Fuck off, just FUCK OFF!!

Then there's the Federal Marriage Amendment. I'm almost to the point where everytime I hear someone mention the mere idea of "protecting traditional marriage" as THE predominant issue facing this country I'm ready to climb into a goddamned clocktower with a loaded machine gun that has special bullets capable of only taking out the perpetually stupid - but I just verbally bitchslap them as the smarter alternative. At the end of a July night 1969, the queers in NYC finally got fed up with the cops giving them shit for no valid reason whatsoever other than they were faggots and dykes. Remarkably like we're getting hassled now, I might add, and for WHAT? Because something that has NO effect on you whatsoever somehow makes its way into your home and into your lap? Are you fucking kidding me with this? You know what those faggots and dykes did? They used their collective anger to fight back and kick the cops asses, then carried that anger until it affected change and took the struggle for equality everywhere. There's a war on, the core values that brought the Constitution into fruition are strangely taking a backseat to CONSERVATIVE activism, and people are still starting fires and wasting energy about things that have NO effect on them whatsoever, not even down the pipe. Case in point: I give you starchaser57 and her post in conservatism about Brokeback Mountain. Sure, there's no real harm being created here. The thing that alarms me is that THIS is the microcephalic mentality that the GOP loves! There is no loyalty like that of the blind follower, and who better than the hardcore fundamentalists? There are millions of them, and the scariest thing about them is they all rubber stamp vote, and it is almost always special interests they vote on.

So here's the thing I'm left with from all of this. There will sadly never be any victory win for us in the war in Iraq, because in order for US to win the Iraqi people have to win and that is not possible given several factors - none of which are O'Reilly Factors, I want to add. We cannot defeat the terrorists the insurgency when in the name of that defeat we spin out more of the terrorists the insurgency than we take out of the equation. Where there is Sharia law, even in theory, there can be no real democracy. Taking away such fundamental morals/values/principles and creating a Western ideal of society is the very thing that is driving the insurgency to not only prevent this sense of American utopia in Iraq, but the very thing they most despise us for, to the point of killing us. The entire argument that they hate us because of how we live, even though it doesn't really affect them, is the SAME weak argument that supports inanity (Hannity?) like the FMA protecting traditional marriages in this country. Because in all of the fervor, there is something very clear to us thinking people that the fundamentalist proponents of the FMA NEVER EVER acknowledge, and that is this: the only real threat to marriage is divorce, which has always been an exclusively heterosexual monopoly. You cannot assign blame anywhere but to those responsible for it.

Good Christian fundamentalists, YOU reap what YOU sow first, then talk to me about freedom, democracy, and equality. I'll be chomping at the bit to school you on a few things you missed. I command you to clean up your own goddamned mess in Jesus' name, I speak it into existence in accordance with the prophecy. I HAVE PLANTED THE SEED AND I WILL SEE THE HARVEST! Remember, if you don't take care of your own business first before complaining about someone else's business, the terrorists will win - and it will be all your fault.

WOOHOO!! One down two to go!

Cousin Billy is on a plane home from Iraq, safe and sound after his year long tour of duty. My younger stepbrother Chris is in Afghanistan, and my nephew Vern is somewhere in the vicinity - he's special forces, so we never really know where he is. With any luck, both will be back by the end of the year or early next year. BUT BILLY'S COMING HOME!!

U.S. shutting down soldiers' blogs. Also: U.S. contractor paid Iraqis to pen propaganda; Sunnis refute report.

Hands up - who's shocked?

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It got up to 75° today. We were quite comfy in t-shirts and shorts. At one point the windows/doors needed to be opened as it was too stuffy inside. Yeah. January 2nd. 75°.

g_e_o_r_g_e has what is possibly the best snapshot EVAR to prove the existence of some form of divination. See what I mean?