January 1st, 2006

2006... Woo...

Let me begin by saying that I am having possibly the most decadent cup of coffee EVAR. It's French Roast that I ground from whole, glistening beans myself, brewed so strong you could stand a spoon up in it (and hear the spoon scream). I have a habit of warming up my coffee cup in the microwave or just pouring boiling water into it for a few minutes before pouring in my coffee - I like my coffee scalding hot, because once you put the cream in it it loses heat rapidly. Warming the cup first helps it to stay hot. There was no half & half so I had to use heavy cream, and rather than sugar I used a good spoonful of Williams Sonoma Vanilla Bean Infused Simple Syrup. Every sip is like there really is a God, he's really a hot Daddy bear, and he just gave me a big load in the mouth. Or something like that. Right now there's probably an even split running down the masses of my friends list, half going "EWWW!!" and the other half going "HOT HOT HOT!!!" To my family members that read this, all I can say is you knew this snake bit when you picked it up, so stop your fussin'. Being uptight about sex is what makes you boring. And anyway, whether creepy or hot, that's some damned good coffee.

I'm going to now reach back to a few posts earlier to update on everyone's favorite God Warrior, Marguerite Perrin. Ol' Marge was such a hit here in America that someone made a God Warrior bobble head that sold on eBay for US $870.00. Make sure your speakers are turned up and you scroll down for the sound bytes in the Marguerite Angel Flash presentation, which I thought was an especially nice touch. So who shells out 870 bucks for a bootleg bobble head of this unhinged and sad fundie? Why Jay Leno, of course! Jay had Marguerite on his show recently (Roseanne was sitting beside her on the couch, laughing her ass off and adding to the mirth) and presented her with the bobble head. Yes, YES, he did-uh!

Wanna see it? I knew you would. () (Hat tip to the Malcontent for the first video.)

'Nother Drive-By-Christing - first of the year!

Got an IM earlier from some random fundie who lays claim to both A: knowledge of my salvation and B: an LJ account, who told me I was going to burn for my wickedness and for speaking in opposition to King George. My only response? "I hope that Jesus raptures the FUCK outta you."

Good times.

How the hell do they find me?