December 11th, 2005

Screw Merry Xmas AND Happy Holidays, I vote for "Merry Koreshmas"

As if Iraq were not enough, there is also currently a War On Christmas - or so the Conservatives and Fundies would have you believe. There's even a manual! I wonder if it has an exit strategy for the Christian Soldiers/God Warriors on the frontline? Adding further insult to festering injury, once again it is all the Lib'ruls fault.
WE killed Jesus. Well, kinda.
WE are trying to take God out of government. Oh fuck off, just fuck off!
WE are trying to push the homosexual agenda. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. (Yes, each letter is a link)
WE killed Terri Schiavo. ORLY?
WE alone are responsible for your aunt's gout. ...I got nothing...
Enter Jerry Fartwell. The best was when Bill O'Reilly contradicted his damned self! It started out with the usual O'Reilly blubbering, but then OOPS!! Hear it yourself courtesy of audio from BradBlog: () Yeah - as I've said before, you give 'em enough rope, they hang themselves everytime. It doesn't just stop there, Big Daddy Rupert, owner of FoxNews etc and general asshole of the earth has a price as well. Sure, the news agencies operate on their own agendas and such, but I can't remember when one this big was revealed to report news based on a monetary gain (or possible loss) on this scale.

Joe Republican?
Why President Bush loves Sen. Lieberman.
George Bush can't stop talking about Sen. Joe Lieberman. For the last two weeks, the president has been citing the Connecticut Democrat in his major speeches about the war in Iraq. Bush has quoted Lieberman as saying that we have made progress in Iraq and have a strategy for winning, then he declared: "Sen. Lieberman is right."

Vice President Dick Cheney also quoted Lieberman approvingly this week. Republican National Chairman Ken Mehlman and White House spokesman Scott McClellan name-checked Lieberman, too. Last January, George Bush gave Lieberman a kiss on the cheek before the State of the Union. The way things are going, this January Bush might give him a back rub.

Why so much affection? Lieberman, a conservative Democrat, has credibility, and Bush is trying to regain his. When Bush says there's progress in Iraq, moderates think he's spinning. When Lieberman says it, they might actually believe it. Quoting Lieberman highlights the Democratic Party's confused position on the war. White House aides hope Lieberman becomes the anti-Murtha, the sage Democrat who slows the push for speedy withdrawal.

KOS has more on Lieberman here, here, here, here, and here. Oh, and here too.