November 6th, 2005

Fine then, I'll tell YOU guys about it... *goes 'harumph', scowls, folds arms*

Just kidding... ;-)

For those of you that don't know already, I am a bit of a car freak. In particular, I am a BMW enthusiast. I think it's a nod to my days of working on cars with my father and brothers and to taking apart small engines (lawnmowers, my minibike) and putting them back together so they would run better with clean parts and well oiled gears, new seals and such. So I'm sitting here all excited about this new info I'm getting from BMW about the forthcoming M6 (more on the M6 here, click on the M and follow the rabbit - pictures here). I'm terribly impresed with this car, as I have been by all M models. I'll catch myself gushing stuff like "OH MY GOD, BABY!! 7 speed SMG transmission, programmable 11 different ways!! CHRIST!! 507hp V10 redlines at almost 9000, same as in the Williams F1!!!! FUCKING HELL!! PADDLE SHIFTERS IN THE STEERING WHEEL!! It even has a carbon fiber roof to lower the center of gravity in the car, which will increase lb/ft/torque in the...OH MY GOD, DID YOU SEE THAT??" *backs up video*... and he's looking at me with his feigned excited "Wow. That's cool." face. Kind of the same one I make when he goes "OH MY GOD, BABY!! Did you see the new Firefly promo?" Now granted, I'm not so much bothered by the Sci-Fi shows, especially Firefly as Jayne is HOT HOT HOT - but I'm just not able to share in his joy. I forget sometimes that he really doesn't give a shit about my inner greasemonkey, and that's cool too. That is, of course, unless he caught the sight of me in dirty coveralls on a creeper underneath his truck, then he'd care. In part because it was hot, and in part because "Um, WTF do you think you're doing to my truck, asshole?"

...BUTOHMYGODTHISCAR!!!!!!!11 It is teh hot sex. I get a hardon everytime we visit the local BMW dealer and I sit in the driver's seat of a new 7 Series. The 750Li is my car. *swoon* One day when I'm fortunate enough to own a 7 Series, I will be recording a video of myself naked and spooging in the driver's seat. You'll know it happened when I post a link to the video - the URL will read "Ha, bitches!"



Share the balls, Harry Reid - share the balls.
On Wolf Blitzer's show, Wolf showed Senator Jay Rockefeller's (D-WV) floor speech explaining his Aye vote for authorizing force against Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Rockefeller did the right thing and the smart thing - He admitted he was completely wrong in voting for the Iraq War. He said that if he knew then what he knows now, he would never ever would have voted for war in Iraq. He insisted that the reason he did not know then what he knows now was because the Bush Administration stovepiped the intelligence. In effect, he called them liars.

Senator George Allen (R-VA) said "mistakes were made" but now we have to win in Iraq. He didn't explain how we were going to do that.

How many more times does John McCain have to get kicked in the balls by both the Bush administration and his own party before he finally gets it? Jesus, he's worse than the fucking Log Cabin Republicans!

My Birthday

So here's the deal. My 35th birthday is December 14th. What I want more than anything on my wishlist is for as many people as possible in or around Atlanta to spend some time with D and I one of the weekends close to that time. We've already planned on coming up to visit arie and to see the LJer formerly known as six10steve, and there are lots more of you I'm missing lately. People like xtex. And icemeltz4u. And old_age. wolfpup76. And astounded. The LJer formerly known as beartard. And djxatlanta. And albumlady. And this isn't even counting the Atlanta folks here that I haven't even met yet, that is a considerable list as well!

I've felt very lonely and at times isolated as of late, there are people all over the place that I miss and cannot see/talk to as often as I'd like. I wished bubba, michaelnolan, mynameisbessie, 50poundnote, ladysisyphus, rustnroses, solauris, mntnlaurel, bigfundrew, dlainef, dubhain, mlion, hypofixx, ilubmoney, koaloha, die7fox, casecob, roadnotes, rahaeli, and tons more of you lived closer. So many more of you I'm not even able to remember by name right now. It's the holidays creeping up on me to a large degree, I'm sure of that much. That and the fact that I'm feeling very needy for people I love and want to learn to love to be closer to me. I've felt like a failure in the friendship department with many of you because I don't get to spend the time with you that I know I should, but life gets in the way and you cannot always do everything you want to do. I know it's ridiculous outside of my own head, but that's the prevalent emotion when I'm thinking too much.

Bah, enough of this. I want to have dinner at Cowtippers or Roxx, and I want to take tons of pictures of everyone in the park if the weather cooperates. Who's coming to (or out in) Atlanta to see me for my birthday and give me big hugs and kisses, but no spankings?