October 26th, 2005

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Odds `n Ends from weekend TV...

"Being `embedded' is part of [Judy Miller's] problem.  Being embedded
with the administration, being embedded with the Alpha unit she was
[with] in Iraq.  That is part and parcel of the problem.  What happened
to objective journalism?  It has to be the bloggers---Huffington Post
and the others---who have to bring the objectivity and the
truth-telling that is missing from the mainstream media."

--Arianna Huffington on Real Time with Bill Maher


President Bush (Will Forte) at Q&A session with troops in Iraq:
 My second completely spontaneous question [looks down at notes] is
about the Iraqi electricians.  Were the electricians incredibly
successful by all accounts?

U.S. Soldier in Iraq (Amy Poehler):  Yes, Mr. President, the elections
went very smoothly.  The Iraqi people are so full of freedom they could
burst.  Sometimes an Iraqi will be so full of democracy they'll walk
into a crowded area and explode.

--Saturday Night Live


George Stephanopoulos:  Patrick Fitzgerald, the special
prosecutor, is probably in his last week in the investigation into the
CIA leak.  What do you think is the worst thing that happened, based on
what you've read so far?

Howard Dean:  Y'know, it's interesting.  This is not about Tom DeLay and Scooter Libby, although I...

Stephanopoulos:  Tom Delay?

Dean:  I mean it's not about Karl Rove.  There are so many scandals I can't keep track of `em all in the White House and in Congress.

---This Week


"Tom DeLay's mug shot was released on Thursday.  Even creepier, it was taken while he watched someone drown a bag of kittens."

---Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live

Random Schtuff

Why the hell is it I can never think this kind of shit up? Whichever one of my heathen friends is responsible for this - share the wealth, bitches!

From NPR: " The White House is up to its ears in controversy, but made time to send a legal letter to The Onion ordering the satirical newspaper to stop using the presidential seal. The seal can't be used commercially or to suggest the president's endorsement. The Onion counters its readers know it's a joke. How did the White House find out? A spokesman tells a real newspaper -- The New York Times -- that some Bush staffers do have a sense of humor -- and read The Onion."

Somebody needs to send George Galloway a leather wallet engraved with the words "Bad Motherfucker" on it.

Shitstain Of The Day: We have a tie! It's between Assrocket and Malkin! Speaking of Malkin, check out RP's latest rant, the stunning "Why Michelle Malkin Ought To Be Caged Like a Rabid Shitzu" in his own, special way. Read also "Neverending Tales of the Christ Weary" and try not to scream. Or bleed.

Plamegate indictments? Anyone? I've got the alerts set just in case, though I doubt announcements will be made today. I'm wondering who's gonna break this first and if all 5 will be handed down as they should be. Anyone venture to guess?

Gooooooooooooo SOX! Once you knock the dust & cobwebs off, there's no stopping them apparently.

What? First lied??? HERESY!!

The General is my hero du jour:
Tomorrow's Rove

Dan Schuberth
Secretary, College Republican National Committee

Dear Mr. Schuberth,

It takes a lot of balls for an officer of the College Republican National Committee to attack a soldier heading off to war. When you did so, you opened yourself up to being assailed as a cowardly yellow elephant and a souless, political hack who selfishly places his partisan ambitions above all that is right and decent. Thank God you didn't let that stop you.

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