September 21st, 2005

Beginning with the next appropriate posts...

In my future posts, links will be made with these here swanky little icons. This legend is also available on the left sidebar of my journal for future reference. Using these icons will make the news/video/music posts & such a lot cleaner looking. Plus, I just like them.
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*cries lots*

Somehow, I have lost some music that is precious to me. Evidently I didn't back up the external hard drive to include these two albums before D reformatted Ripley (the main computer), and I'm pretty sick about it. So if anyone - ANYONE has either or both "()" and "Takk", the two most recent Sigur Rós albums, I would love you forever if you could please please PLEASE send them to me.

I'm feeling the love...

Since I've been graced with such wonderful people who come rushing to my aid when I need them, and since I believe all good deeds should be repaid in some form somehow, I'll be making a big music post within the next couple of days. If you have any requests, comment with them now - I've got loads of music.