July 5th, 2005


Things at home are royally fucked up, between both houses. The only upside right now is that D and I are fine.

My sister called me a little bit earlier to inform me that my oldest Aunt died, and that my cousin that I grew up with is not expected to live more than another month they say.

I'm coping the best I know how, and putting on the bravest face I can to get through the day. Have to, there are things I have to do. I'll fall apart later if I need to, I'm even armed with Valium just in case.

I don't believe in prayer, but I do believe in energy. I ask all of you to send me as much good energy as you possibly can today and for the days ahead as we all figure some things out. I'm not quite sure what to do right now, so I'm just hoping against hope that everything will get better soon.

Never a right time, never a perfect time, always a better time.

So please, send me all the love and energy you can. I desperately need it.
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