July 3rd, 2005

White T-shirt

Lightning struck 30 feet from me yesterday!

We had a storm pop up out of nowhere yesterday, quite a violent little display. It partially downed a tree across the street and completely fried D's cable modem, the wind was really loud whipping around the house and the rain came in sideways. Bear in mind that the house is on a corner lot, so there is nothing blocking the wind as it goes around the place. Of course, me being the storm enthusiast I am I had to run downstairs to see what was going on. Not merely content to look out the windows, I went out to the front porch to sit in one of the big rockers and watch the storm do its thing. I was halfway out the door with my hand still on the knob when everything went white as a bolt of lightning came down in the middle of the intersection, this incredible sonic boom was launched, and I went flying back against the house with the door pressing backwards against me.

It was AWESOME! The boom was so loud I remember feeling my eardrums pressing inward from the pressure. My ears were ringing and it wasn't from the sirens now screaming across the park. Everything felt static for several seconds, and my vision was hazy. I stood there for a few seconds, then started to make my way back upstairs to let D know I was okay and see if he was alright. I bumped into the doorway going from the living room to the stairs and once I made my way back upstairs everything looked hazy and smoky to me. I recounted what had transipred to D, then brought him over to the window to show him the tree across the street. After a few minutes, my vision became normal once again and the ringing in my ears subsided. What an incredible experience it was. When my oldest sister was a baby, my mother was talking on the telephone when a storm popped up much like the one we had yesterday. She said that she saw a flash come from down the hallway while the same kind of boom happened simultaneously, and she was thrown across the room - over my sister's bassinet, and against the far wall. The phone was still in her hand and the cord had been melted in two.

This past week has been a difficult one for me emotionally. For all kinds of reasons, some of which I dare not even say out loud, lest I make them real. I'm hoping that I can shrug off that stuff for now, and have a relatively 'normal' week. I'm going picture taking later this afternoon/evening and hoping that will perk me up and make me feel inspired. Thank you to everyone that has wished me well and offered comfort and good energy - it is much appreciated. Even from those of you that didn't but meant it anyway, I thank you.

Lemming, party of one?

Okay, okay, okay. Like 5 people 'tagged' me for this meme, and since it's about hot guys I figured what the hell. The thing was to name 10 celebrities you think are hot, then 'tag' five others to take the same thing. Yeah, that part is not going to happen. However, here's my list:

I'd shag the ass right off of:
  1. David Morse
  2. Ben Affleck
  3. Colin Farrell
  4. Ryan Reynolds
  5. Paul Teutel, Jr.
  6. Chris Meloni
  7. Brendan Kelly
  8. Ed Harris
  9. Gerard Butler
  10. Kendall Kelly, AKA thereisnofear