June 27th, 2005

Me & D

Pride '05

We arrived in Atlanta around 10 or 11AM on Saturday and spent the morning and afternoon getting arie moved into her new digs, which are beyond swanky. The entire complex she's moved into is absolutely gorgeous, from the landscaping to the apartment layouts and the color scheme of everything inside and out. We all (arie, her Mom, D, and I) were worn out and very accomplished by the end of the move and decided to go down to the pool for a swim to relax and cool down. We went to dinner at this great Italian place in Kennesaw, I cannot remember the name of it. arie, what was the place called and where was it so we can pass it on? We went back to the new apartment just as darkness crept up and helped finish get things in order before bedtime. That was when I made the post announcing my intentions to ask D to marry me. I hardly slept at all that night and what I got was very restless from being both nervous and feeling like I wanted the moment to be perfect for him. We got showered in the morning and bid my sweet arie adeiu and then set out for Pride. We met Mom & Tina within 5 minutes of arriving at the train station, and all of us took the train to the Civic Center. We had been there a short time when I finally got to meet princessnoire, who is so much more adorable in person than I had anticipated. A few minutes after she joined us, wsbsdrewnelson hsowed up. Before too long, I spotted huffdaddyatl and djxatlantaacross the way, as well as two guys I recognized from Bear411. I also finally got to meet beefybull, whom I am certain now thinks I am completely delirious. Just before I proposed, roypup came and joined in the fray. While waiting for the parade march to start, I finally summoned up the courage to propose. I swear, I have never been so nervous in my life!

Within minutes of him saying "yes" (SCORE!) and many tears, hugs, phone calls and text messages to let others know, the parade kicked off. The weather was wet and cool for pretty much the entire day and we weren't complaining, it's usually Africa Tarzan hot this time of year and Pride is always a sweltering affair. It always rains, too. No way of ever avoiding that. I don't mind the rain either, it always cools everything down and gives perspective. Plus, it's fun playing out in the rain with lots of other people all having a good time together. It was great fun watching the people in our group experiencing their first Pride ever, seeing their reactions to everything and the emotion that always comes along with it - especially on your first one.

I have to admit, I never really feel like it gets tedious or boring, I'm always excited and full of energy. There is something completely liberating about this experience, I've said this many times before. The comeraderie, the pageantry, the complete uncivilized debauchery, and every other element you can think of. I love when we hit Peachtree and walk past St. Mark's, the congregation has the church decorated with rainbow flags and balloons and streamers and banners all over everything and they set up water stations and take turns running out into the crowd, giving everyone a drink and sometimes spraying them down with a water hose if it's really hot. Always a kind word, and always said with a smile.

Finally got down to the larger part of the parade route that has all of the spectators, it was awesome. We marched with the Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club, and our chant was FABULOUS! Tyson would lead the chant and we'd all repeat in earnest several times over the following:
Monday is a wanking day! *make simulated masturbatory gesticulation*
Tuesday is a finger day! *wiggle a finger*
Wednesday is a fisting day! *guess what we did here*
Thursday is a fucking day! *pull fists down into pelvis, thrust hips forward, repeat ad infinitum*
Friday is a drinking day! *simulate drinking from a glass*
Saturday's a Rugby day! *throw both fists in the air*
Sunday is the Lord's day! *kneel on one knee*
After each cycle of this, he'd scream "IS EVERYBODY HAPPY?" to which we responded "YOU BET YOUR ASS WE'RE HAPPY!", then put our cups or whatever we were holding on top of our heads and turn around singing "La, la, la, la, la, la, la..." in a decrescendo. SO much fun! Got to the park finally and made a beeline to find six10steve, who was waiting on profundis to give him a massage, then made the rounds for a bit. Got lunch, saw roypup for a bit, ran into (and finally introduced myself to) redteufel, and generally hung out a bit before heading back home. The two pictures below were my very favorites of the day, so I post them in full.