June 16th, 2005


House votes no on Patriot Act provision
Lawmakers line up against government use of library records
The House voted Wednesday to block the FBI and the Justice Department from using the anti-terrorism Patriot Act to search library and bookstore records, responding to complaints about potential invasion of privacy of innocent readers.

Despite a veto threat from President Bush, lawmakers voted 238-187 to block the part of the anti-terrorism law that allows the government to investigate the reading habits of terrorism suspects.

The vote reversed a narrow loss last year by lawmakers complaining about threats to privacy rights. They narrowed the proposal this year to permit the government to continue to seek out records of Internet use at libraries.

The vote came as the House debated a $57.5 billion bill covering the departments of Commerce, Justice and State. The Senate has yet to act on the measure, and GOP leaders often drop provisions offensive to Bush during final negotiations.
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Friends pics & cool plug-ins

I need new pictures for my Friends Gallery. If you're on my friends list and not in the gallery, please to be sending me a picture of thineself to angry_biscuit@livejournal.com.

I installed some new plug-ins to Firefox, both LJ related. If you run Firefox, these are very handy.

El Jay Icon Maker
El Jay icon maker allows you to right click on any image and create an icon for use with livejournal.com. There are two options to choose from when making an icon "Create Icon Instantly" and "Create Icon With Options." Selecting either link redirects you to the El Jay icon maker home page where you can rotate, crop, add text and borders to the image. The El Jay icon maker was made for use with llivejournal.com, but can be used on any site that requires an image smaller than 100x100 for an icon.

Requires: Firefox: 0.9.x - 1.0+

LiveJournal Hook - LOVE THIS ONE!!
Integration of LiveJournal specific tags and text formatting into the right click context menu. Other features include: Automatic random selection of user icon. Automatic selection of privacy setting. LiveJournal poll creation wizard.

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Right-click in the update portal or in a comment reply to see all of the options. VERY handy indeed!

Requires: Firefox: 0.9.x - 1.0 on Windows


Because I just cannot seem to have things go the way I want them too for very long at a time, I'll be Mr. Untouchable for the next few days. If you need something from me, you're going to have to come to the house and find me - otherwise, there is no other way to contact me for the time being.

Comment feature disabled because I don't want there to be 6,000 emails in my inbox. I'll be checking email once a day, so please refrain from emailing me unless it is important. Nothing is wrong, per sé - it's nothing like that. Yes I'm being cryptic, and no, it's none of your business.
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