June 9th, 2005

'Nother News Post - it just keeps coming!

Bush pushes for Patriot Act
Vive Totalitarianism!!

President Bush is pressuring Congress to renew the Patriot Act by highlighting the actions of Ohio police who helped catch a man accused of plotting attacks on the Brooklyn Bridge and a Midwest shopping mall.

Portions of the Patriot Act -- signed into law six weeks after the September 11, 2001, attacks to catch other terrorists -- are set to expire at the end of the year. The law bolstered FBI surveillance and law-enforcement powers in terror cases, increased use of material witness warrants to hold suspects incommunicado for months and allowed secret proceedings in immigration cases.
Army misses recruiting goal again
Show of hands - who's shocked?

The Army appears likely to fall short of its full-year recruiting goal for the first time since 1999, raising longer-term questions about a military embroiled in its first protracted wars since switching from the draft to a volunteer force 32 years ago.

Many young people and their parents have grown more wary of Army service because of the likelihood of being dispatched on combat tours to Iraq or Afghanistan, opinion polls show. U.S. troops are dying at a rate of two a day in Iraq, more than two years after President Bush declared that major combat operations had ended.
Marine recruiters go way beyond the call
Truth is stranger than fiction. Can you believe Marine Corps recruiters kidnapped a 18-year-old and wore him down to the point he signed enlistment papers?

A single mom with a meager income, Marcia raised her kids on the farm where, until recently, she grew salad greens for restaurants.

Axel's father, a Marine Corps vet who served in Vietnam, died when Axel was 4.

Clearly the recruiters knew all that and more.

"You don't want to be a burden to your mom," they told him. "Be a man." "Make your father proud." Never mind that, because of his own experience in the service, Marcia says enlistment for his son is the last thing Axel's dad would have wanted.

The next weekend, when Marcia went to Seattle for the Folklife Festival and Axel was home alone, two recruiters showed up at the door.
Helms mea culpa on AIDS, not integration
He regrets gay labeling, but not stand against desegregation

In his upcoming memoir, former Sen. Jesse Helms acknowledges he was wrong about the AIDS epidemic but believes integration was forced before its time by “outside agitators who had their own agendas.”
House Ethics Standstill Stalls DeLay Decision; Committee May Be Inactive for Months
Oh for FUCK'S SAKE - are you kidding me with this?

A dispute between the parties has shut down the House ethics committee for the second time this year, and lawmakers said that it could be months -- and perhaps next year -- before the panel will decide whether to examine the activities of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) or others accused of violating restrictions on lobbying and travel.
Strange Bedfellows? The Family Research Council and the Ku Klux Klan

The Family Research Council's executive director, Tony Perkins, reportedly paid former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke over $80,000 for his who's-who-of-racist-America mailing list in 1996. This should be the death of the Family Research Council, one of the religoius right's lead organizations, and the end of Tony Perkins career.

"This was 1996, people. That is well beyond, years beyond, the date that the entire nation knew Duke to be a rabid KKK-loving racist. But our pinnacle of family values, Tony Perkins, had no problem enriching black-hater David Duke to the tune of $82,000. And what's more, Tony Perkins had no problem trying to woo David Duke's avowed racist following.

"With the religious right trying to reach out to black folk, and more generally trying to lecture the rest of us on morality, I want to know why Tony Perkins hasn't been forced to resign, or, why the Family Research Council hasn't been ostracized from the entire religious right community."
The Pimping of the President
Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist have been caught billing clients for face time with George W. Bush. Don't believe it? Just follow the paper trail.

Four months after he took the oath of office in 2001, President George W. Bush was the attraction, and the White House the venue, for a fundraiser organized by the alleged perpetrator of the largest billing fraud in the history of corporate lobbying. In May 2001, Jack Abramoff's lobbying client book was worth $4.1 million in annual billing for the Greenberg Traurig law firm. He was a friend of Bush advisor Karl Rove. He was a Bush "Pioneer," delivering at least $100,000 in bundled contributions to the 2000 campaign.

"If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door in the country."

On Harvey Milk, Coming Out, Pride, and the Love of My Friends & Family
Originally posted on 22nd-Feb-2005 09:25 am

Yesterday, I watched the majority of the film The Times Of Harvey Milk (available on Netflix) with D sitting by my side. It was extremely difficult to contain my emotions, but the children had friends over and all of them were in the kitchen having lunch - so I kept it to myself knowing this post would result. I'm still astonished that more people - especially those in the GLBT community - don't know more about him. Rest assured, it is largely due to him that we have earned any of the rights we now have. He kicked in the door in a time when such things were unheard of. He lived and he died for what he believed in, and is a personal hero of mine. Please take a few minutes to learn more about him.

Harvey Milk, (May 22, 1930 - November 27, 1978) an American politician and gay rights activist, was the first openly gay city supervisor of San Francisco, California. He and the mayor were assassinated in 1978.

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I want to have the largest ever group of my family and friends walking with D and I this summer at Pride. I want all of my friends, gay, straight, transgendered, all of you with us. The theme for Pride this year is UNITE AND ACT. The Parade will step off from the MARTA Civic Center Station on Sunday June 26, at 1:00pm. We generally meet there an hour early and organize our group. If you've never attended Pride before, you really should consider it. I want everyone to experience the sense of freedom, liberation, and joy that come along with marching in a parade with people you love, honor, and respect as a declaration of embracing diversity. And I am thrilled the most when straight people come along!!

National Coming Out Day is October 11th. Please, if you are living this lie - please consider making that your goal, your new birthday, so that you make actually live - really live - instead of pretending to be alive. No one deserves to have to live in secret. Anyday is a good day to come out, but NCOD is a symbol of solidarity in knowing that people all across the country and in fact the world are taking the same brave steps that you are. If you're straight, whether you have openly gay friends or not and whether or not you suspect a friend or family member is gay, have these discussions with people randomly. Let people know that you support coming out, and that you wished everyone who lived in the closet knew how you felt about it.

I make this post in memory of Harvey Milk, and in honor of my friends Aura and Laurel, who recently made the brave choice to live freely and honestly - as they were born to, and in memory of all of the friends I have lost along the way.

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IEEEEEEEEEE!!! My sweetie just called me as he was walking off the plane in Atlanta, he's almost home! *pop*

Poor thing, he sounds exhausted. His boss and coworkers in Arizona forced him at gunpoint last night to consume 5 Long Island teas, evidently. His best friend and coworker Daniel suffered a similar fate, when I spoke with him on the phone this morning I said "You're still drunk as hell, aren"t you?" His response: "I can't feel my toes, Jude."


</sappy squeeing>

You know...

Being an ignorant racist and trying to antagonize me with pitiful stabs will get you banned every time.

While I am free to bitch about this ridiculous fucktrap here in the (relatively) safe confines of my own journal, I ask that no one on my friend/friend of list go to this person's journal and flame them. That makes you no better. Also, for anyone who might be unclear, I have no problem sparring on issues as long as no one gets stupid about it. Just remember that this is MY journal and show me some respect. Disagree all you want, ream me for being an asshole or whatever derogatory terms you like in your own space, but this here's mine - understand? There's a disclaimer on every one of my journal pages - left sidebar, third paragraph down.

Any questions?


Howard Dean Will Fuck Your Shit Up (Redux)


The Rude Pundit's said it before and he'll say it again: Howard Dean will fuck your shit up. Stand that motherfucker up at the gates of hell. Let that son of a bitch loose in the dainty Democratic china shop and let's break some fuckin' dishes. Howard Dean knows the score, man; he knows that the faithful, those who actually believe that the fight is not the path to surrender, want a spokesperson who's willing to pick up the unpinned grenade that just landed near him and shove it up the ass of the enemy who tossed it. Goddamn, it would have been magnificent to have seen him debate the President. On stage, Bush would have been begging for the privilege to lick the sweat off Dean's balls.
Why doesn't everyone read rudepundit? I swear, when I read the line The party establishment could have tossed him out to the exile pile with Al Gore, who keeps making amazing, passionate, intelligent speeches with all the impact of a fly fart at a System of a Down concert, I practically had a spontaneous assquake!

In other news, Twatwaffle extraordinnaire Bill Pryor has just been brought into the fascist regime of Herr Shrub, fucknugget extraordinnaire. This on the heels of thundercunt Janice Rogers Brown's confirmation. Liberal activist judges? My achin' ass!

On a happier note, Howard Dean was dreamy when he was younger. He's still cute when he's not screaming like a walrus gettin' his freak on, but have a look see:

Yeah. RAWR.

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