May 25th, 2005

Old Poem Revisited

No Regrets

It is all a wretched, scorching tangle
Of fire in my veins and memory scars
And trading love for apathy

I still cannot see or hear the word 'tar'
Or bear the smell of fired metal and earth
Without almost shitting myself

Soullessly fed on vacant signs of empty places
Places built just so you would have somewhere to abandon
A solitary line from A to Z
Because really, who needs the letters in between

Jonesing like a summer storm
That scares you to the bone
Cotton fever like blistering pavement
In unforgiving August heat

Skull hooks just clawing, clawing, clawing
At a withered, salvage scrapped brain
Will make you do everything you thought you'd never
But you will, you will do it and more

Always the lies, endless lies
For just one. more. shot.

© Jude Bennett

So yeah. I have a history that for a brief time (I cannot remember the duration, it is useless trying) involved the use of opiates. Well, one anyway. Hey, some people choose Jesus as theirs, this was mine. Collapse )

Some people just shouldn't breathe.

Question: Tony Perkins & The Family Research Council - Why?
Three new things for the Christbots to go apeshit about
If that's not enough, read the Op-Eds page. Contact the FRC, they're begging to hear from you.

I *heart* to tweak my layout

New layout is being retweaked, as masterslacker was kind enough to add extra free text boxes, whichI will eventually be taking advantage of. I'm in the process of making new icons, one of which involves an actual biscuit. I might arm it, you never know. I'm strange like that.

Getting geared up for next month's Pride festivities, which I'm going to post about later - hopefully by the weekend. I'm going to be making several posts about Pride in general, and I'm making Pride icons for everyone. So yeah.

To everyone heading to AF '05, please be careful and have loads of fun - I'm there with you in spirit!