May 11th, 2005

Interview meme is still open if you so choose...

My interview meme is still open, comment to that post if you'd like me to interview you. There are several people (the usual suspects) that I wanted to interview that have yet to comment. Step it up, bitches.

Now is the part where I open up a whole new can of worms. Or is it beans? Whatever.

Now it's your turn. Comment to this entry and ask me and five questions. Your choice, ask me anything you want. You may even use any of my questions I asked of others in the previous meme post as your own to ask me for my answers. I encourage creative, provocative, and thought provoking questions. It's only fair, don't you think?

Interviews Consolidated

In the interest of not flooding my friends pages with interview posts, I'm going to consolidate them all to one entry. If you asked me interview questions, keep checking back here and I'll eventually post my answers behind a cut.

Interview by lolasenvy Collapse )

Interview by changinglight Collapse )

Interview by joeatlarge Collapse )

Interview by punkgeezer Collapse )

Interview by wsbsdrewnelson Collapse )

Interview by bigfundrew Collapse )


[22:38] nocturnalrelease: I love big boys
[22:39] beartard3: ahhh
[22:41] nocturnalrelease: Nothing less sexy to me than a skinny fucker, especially one with long hair
[22:41] nocturnalrelease: *shudder*
[22:42] beartard3: you mean like half the fuckers on Bear411 that send me messages?
[22:42] nocturnalrelease: lol
[22:43] beartard3: like the Mexican guy who looks like Cher
[22:43] nocturnalrelease: EWWWW!
[22:43] beartard3: I shit you not
[22:43] beartard3: first message (in spanish): do you suck cock good?
[22:43] beartard3: "no, in fact, I'm straight. just seeing what deviants are on the net for a research paper"
[22:44] nocturnalrelease: ROFL