April 29th, 2005

News, News, News...

News posts here have gotten both facelifted & reformatted, and ribbed for your pleasure. Feedback (as usual) is always welcomed and encouraged. Let the commenting threads begin!

Jeff Gannon (aka TFFKAJDG) upset he was not invited to press dinner
...and this is shocking WHY?
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Microsoft gay rights flip flop tied to right winger Ralph Reed
What in the goddamned hell is THIS bullshit?
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Gay marriage in Spain refused by mayors, compared to Nazism
Watch the Daily Show clip above, it'll put you in a good mood
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The angriest man in America
'Nothing's Sacred' to comedian Lewis Black -- not even himself

A Rush Job by the ACLU
ACLU Comes to Rush Limbaugh's Defense

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Silencing the Opposition
GOP goes nu-kyu-ler on dissent again

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Christian Conservative Activists Declare Holy War on the Nations' Courts
I'll see your jihad and raise you one fatwa

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Tom Delay's Dying Words?
If only!

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Ann Coulter's Time Magazine cover story reheated; ignites more interesting stuff
When Time pimped Coulter, it became crystal clear. There are two different liberal webs... *cue sinister music*

Unfairness: GOP Blocked Up or Down Votes on 60 Clinton Judicial Nominees
The GOP has just "discovered" that "fairness" requires up or down votes on judicial nominees.

GA-Gov: signs of life
We'll see about that.

And speaking of polls, last week's Real Time with Bill Maher with panelists Jane Fonda, Maureen Dowd, Joe Scarborough, and Alan Simpson was excellent. Transcript excerpts can be found here (worthwhile reading), and the New Rules segment was especially hilarious:

Real Time with Bill Maher, Episode 52 excerpt: </font>

Terrorism incidents tripled last year
Wha??? You mean St. Dubya full of shit?

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The Rude Pundit
Links to posts on my favorite political blog
The Mensch and the Motherfucker
For the record, I respect Al Gore even more for this, but I still wish he'd rethink that whole tipper thing.
Satanic Judges Eat Jesus

Republicans Are Some Filibusterin' Motherfuckers

Dobson's Mad Justice

Because it's Friday, but do I really need a reason?

Experts: Woodpecker feared extinct found

I heart my partner

I love him, and this kind of shit is why:
Subject: Tonight?
From: thedigitalghost
Date: 4/29/05 9:56 AM EST
TO: jesus_h_biscuit

"Yo yo yo! This is G-Rad and Dig Dog comin at ya homey style!

So, what the goings on tonight be like tonight, foo!? You down for sliding up in my crib and kickin it wit your homeboy? I thought we could erder some pizznit and watch the Dahraknizz movie that I got.

Hit me back.


My reply:
"Coo. *drinks a 40 a O' E*

Don't try to figure it out, you'll have a nosebleed."
His reply:
"I'm not an idiot. That's a 40oz bottle of Old English malt liquor.


My reply:

Atlanta bound

Alright folkses, thedigitalghost & I are heading up to Atlanta sometime in the AM. We're going to see the Atlanta Bucks play a rugby match, visit for a bit with our good friends six10steve, xtex, and belmontx, and hang out in L5P I'm sure at some point. So basically we're going to spend the majority of the day there cavorting with our heathen friends and such. If you're going to be out & about tomorrow, or if you want to come to the rugby match &/or hang out afterward somewhere, then reply here and let's figure something out.