April 15th, 2005

A bit more on yesterday's post with the Fun-fun-fundies

Yesternight's post on the 17 year old Jesus Terrorista of LiveJournal has taken a new turn. I'm not sure when, but another Soldier for Jesus has jumped into the fray. This could get really good.


Evidently she has deleted the journal. Oh well, there's always Sir Fawlty to give a good Ricky Fitz style verbal bitchslappin' to, if only he'd bite. By the way, badp, feel free to comment. I'd love the opportunity to spar with you, I've got a hard-on for it right now just to prove the point. Be forewarned - you don't have to like my language, but it's MY journal - so know that before you open the door you might *shock* be offended by my tone. Also, my friends and readers here can get particularly vicious, and while I may (or may not, I'm funny that way) encourage or discourage such things it is only fair to let you know upfront that I'll pull no stops with you as far as honesty about your bullshit rhetoric, which is good or bad depending on how you look at it. You don't know me and have never debated with me before, give it your best shot.