April 14th, 2005


I just personally helped to bitchslap both State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox AND ubercunt Sen. Nancy Shaefer!! I'm so proud of myself!

I got it on good authority a while back that the Georgia State Board of Education was considering a new proposition requiring parental permission for high school students to participate in after-school activities. Some critics had contended the requirement was designed to discourage participation in gay groups. But, as drafted, it would have affected a wide range of student activities.

I just got word from my friends at both HRC and Georgia Equality that, after hearing impassioned arguments for and against the proposal, board members voted 11-1 to send the proposal back to committee, a procedure that kills the rule in its current form.

From Georgia Equality:
Sadie Fields, chairwoman of the Georgia Christian Coalition, said she supported the proposed rule because it would "uphold the parents' rights to guide their own children's destiny, according to their values and beliefs."

Parents and students who support Gay-Straight Alliance clubs argued, however, that parental notification would hurt gay students who have unsupportive families. The gay support clubs are in more than a dozen public and private schools in Georgia.

"Not all parents are good, as much as we want to believe that," said Patti Ellis, a Fayette County mother who said her gay son was bullied by other students through high school. "Students depend on teachers to be their advocates."

Micah Weiss, 17, a junior at Grady High School in Atlanta, was among a half-dozen students at the hearing who wore tape over his mouth as part of the national "Day of Silence," an event coordinated by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, an advocacy group.

Weiss pulled off the tape and cited the experiences of a gay friend who is frequently bullied.

"If he had to go home and tell his mother or his father that he was coming out, I don't think he'd have a place to sleep the night," Weiss said.
I'm gonna go celebrate with an ice cream sammich, then pee on my Republican neighbor's fence.
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Okay, I'm not all that interested in Scissor Sisters' music - it all sounds like the Bee Gees getting dry-fucked by Sylvester to me, so yeah... The bass player, however:

Um, yeah. I could dip this man in barbecue sauce and just work him like a rib, as ruathaguy says. He is teh hawt.

Ganked from dancewithoutme

It's fun to point and laugh at idiots, and even more fun to refute their bullshit with factual proof that they're fucking lemmings, and a nice verbal bitchslap never hurt. I got her twice so far, more as it merits...


To her charge that "God didn't create homosexuals. Homosexuality is a CHOICE...people are not born homosexuals" I replied:
By that standard of logic then you, as a professed heterosexual, were clearly homosexual before you actively chose to be straight. By your own admision, you yourself (nor any other professed heterosexual, in as sweeping a generalization as you've made here) were not born heterosexual, it was a choice you made. You cannot have it both ways.
To her charge that "Being a HOMO is a CHOICE. Get off your high horse. Give me some proof I'm wrong. Can you find any? No...because you are full of crap."I replied:
You asked for proof.

I got more: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/11/071107170741.htm

Music Post

Sigur Rós - Untitled #8 (a.k.a. Popplagið / The Pop Song)
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Sigur Rós - Olsen Olsen
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Sigur Rós - Untitled 1 (Vaka)
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Sigur Rós - Vidrar Vel Til Loftárása (Good Weather For Airstrikes)
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Peter Gabriel - I Grieve
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Jennifer Nettles Band - Gravity
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Jennifer Nettles Band - A Place For You
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Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
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Jeff Buckley - Corpus Christi Carol
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Tori Amos - Thank You
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Love & Rockets - Saudade
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Peter Murphy - Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
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The Sundays - Wild Horses
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This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren
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Thomas Newman - Theme to American Beauty
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Jane Siberry - It Won't Rain All The Time
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Susan Tedeschi - Angel From Montgomery
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All of this music was chosen with love, and chosen expressly for Jeb (50poundnote). I love you, honey - I just do. I can't say it any other way right now. If I could be where you are right now, I promise I would be - right beside you for as long as you needed.