March 31st, 2005

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Okay. I finally got to talk to my Mama yesterday and wish her a happy birthday, which was great. I also got to talk to my sister Shay, which is always great as well. She informed me that my 17 Y.O. nephew just returned from spring break in PCB with 3,926 pictures of different titties. I said "Well what do you expect, he's a heterosexual teenage boy. Be grateful he didn't come home with the cast of Girlz Gone Wild XXIII." She replied, without missing a beat "Excellent point, you win."

We're going to have company down here for the weekend, hopefully beginning this afternoon (? Yea? Nay?) if the earth doesn't conspire against us. Our friend six10steve is heading this way, we're finally going to do the photo session we've been talking about for almost two months now. I think he's going to be a great subject. There are a ton of ideas I have about shooting him, and being that it's going to rain all weekend we'll have excellent overcast light for photography. I'm looking forward to it, I really am. He's gone through a lot of unnecessary bullshit as of late, it'll be good to spend some time with him and free him from his troubles for a bit. He's one of my favorite people, he's just fun to be around. Picture and video posts to come as the weekend unfolds, promise!

Last night's South Park was the best. Maggie came running into the living room and screamed at me to turn the TV to Comedy Central immediately, which I did. Apparently Kenny suffered severe brain damage and had to be placed on a feeding tube, and the ensuing chaos about what Kenny would have wanted divided everyone against each other. It was awesome. In the end, his will specified that should he ever end up on life support, for the love of God don't show videos of him to the media to be broadast on national television.

Sugarland were on the Tonight Show last night performing the new single "Something More". I had another moment of freaked-outedness when I sat there, afraid to blink, thinking "Holy fuck, my friends are on the goddamned Tonight Show. Jennifer just took a bow to a screaming audience and shook Jay Leno's hand. OH... MY... GAWD..." This is all still very weird to me.

I slept fairly well last night thanks to the storm that came rumbling through, the bad part is it's a 100% chance of rain and it always makes me sleepy. So today I'll be dragging ass. Oh well, and so it goes!

Congratulations, Terri - I only wished it was over now.

Sadly it will never be over, because they haven't fought over her enough yet and haven't picked her bones clean. It hasn't even gotten really dirty yet, I'm afraid.

So here goes, my opinions on this entire case. If after reading this post you decide you want to unfriend me, here's a preemptive "Fuck off". If you cannot take a differing opinion or handle being offended, get off the internet and stop whining about how much your pussy hurts. Unless it's that time of the month and in fact it really does hurt, then carry on.

Terri Schiavo did NOT just die, so stop acting like her death is some new tragedy. She died 15 years ago, so fucking get over yourself.

Quite simply, I believe that this is what she wanted. I believe that she was married to a man that loved her and wanted what she wanted for herself. Conversely, I am partnered to a man who knows what my final wishes are and who also knows that in a similar circumstance, I would want him to continue living and hopefully find love and happiness elsewhere. I believe that turning Michael Schiavo into the consummate heartless pariah because he's moved on with his life is really fucking unfair. Who's to say that they didn't have a similar arrangement? Who are we to judge this man, given his tenacity to follow through with her wishes and honor them? If it were about money, he'd have not only taken more than was his, but would have taken what has been offered to him - so that theory is baseless. If he didn't love her, then why not divorce her and let them have at her? If he didn't care, why was he insistent in the initial years of her PVS that she get all kinds of therapy? The hospice has gone on record in legal proceedings as stating that for the first couple of her interment there that he was incessantly demanding about the kind of care and treatment she was receiving, and went above and beyond to see that she was provided with anything that could possibly benefit her.

He was with her when her body died, and did not allow the Schindlers access to her until after her death. Considering how they've vilified him, told outrageous and completely fabricated lies about him, to say nothing about the Schindler family's merciless efforts to declare their marriage a sham, can you blame him? That entire family is ten times more fucked up and heartless than they maintain he is, and I have precious little sympathy for them. I'm sorry that they lost their child 15 years ago, but that's about it. They've had every single court proceeding, which now include the US Supreme Court and numbers over 20 petitioned cases, rule against them and their claims. There has been intense research into her "accident", and it was only in the past two or three years that Michael Schiavo has been accused of any wrongdoing as a husband or as a caregiver. Allegations that he caused her injury only came to light recently, when they had no more cards to play. Subsequently, any such allegations have yet to be proven in court.

Enter President Fuckchop, his brother, Gov. Lesser-Fuckchop, the entire far right GOP shitstains, led by roach killer extraordinnaire Tom Delay (*smells irony*), and the entire galvanization of fundamentalist pro-lifers, the whole cunting lot of them, and their poster boy, Randall Goddamned Terry - a man who himself should have met fate in-utero with a coathanger to the heart. Pray all you want, motherfuckers. Wave your signs, scream obscenities, Seig Heil! and goose step in the name of the Lord, just remember ONE thing. Your God failed miserably here. You all can't wait to get to Heaven, but you sure as fuck did everything you could to prevent her from getting there, didn't you? Where was He when all of this played out? Fuck you, and fuck your imaginary sky fairy for allowing all of this and doing nothing to stop it.

I may add more to this later.
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