February 25th, 2005

More Gannongate, this time with an interview!! New and IMPROVED Gannongate!!

Gannongate: ‘I asked to come. They allowed me to come’
Access to the White House press room was easy, former reporter Jeff Gannon tells NBC’s Campbell Brown in an exclusive interview
Source: MSNBC [Link]

I was asked by an acquaintance why I was so fired up about this Jeff Gannon/James Guckert, and whether or not I'd be so incensed if he were clearly a Liberal asking the same sorts of questions in the White House briefing room. I thought it was a worthy question, unless you're not paying attention, and then it sounded rather like something Mr. Gannon/Guckert himself would have asked me.
Gannon: I go to the gate. I show my driver's license, which I showed you. It has my given name. And that's how I gained entry.

A quick check for a criminal record is all that's required. Gannon avoided the extensive FBI background check most reporters go through for permanent access.
Here's my first problem. If your nose is a visible shade of Bush Brown and your breath smells like Sean Hannity's dick, then you're granted access - practically sight unseen. In the age of the Patriot Act, let's not forget THAT stellar abortion of logic. Let's make it a GOP slanted press pool by inviting "journalists" who are going to slam Liberals and ask rhetorical questions, because they are the easiest ones for Herr Bush to answer. doG forbid you asked anything challenging, because then you're lumped in with the crowd of heathen traitors who are trying to destroy this country because they hate freedom and morality. I personally take pride in being a member of said crowd, I go on record having said so. Then again, I don't believe in heaven or hell, but I imagine if there were such things that heaven would be boring as fuck and hell would be nothing more than heaven's smoking section, so figure that one out. So first point established, if you follow the crowd, we'll waive the standards we hold up to every other person in the world. To say nothing of the fact that he has no previous experience whatsoever as a journalist. You know what? I'm an astronaut. No, I'm a psychic, only a real one. Think it and be it, right Jim/Jeff?

Next problem: Fags For Bush. Yes, I said Fags For Bush. Examine that for a second or two, but no longer or blood will fly out of your nose. Here, I'll say it again only louder this time: FAGS FOR BUSH. Looks a lot like Jews For Hitler, doesn't it? "We're here! We're queer! And Goshdarnit, we are some self-loathing bastards! SEIG BUSCH!" I don't understand a lot of things, I don't know how you can reconcile being a Republican and Queer at the same time, it's far too hypocritical. It's one thing to be closeted and live in fear of being discovered, it is quite another to know you're a minority and align yourself with a political group that actively seeks to strip your own people of well deserved rights and equality. Anyone who doesn't get that right off the bat, I have to worry about.

EDIT: The dam has burst on Bullshit River, ladies & germs. From Gannon/Guckert's own blog, no less. According to Kos: "Guckart is one giant, balding deutsch bag. He actually thinks conservatives will give a shit about him!!! The only reason they have come to his aid is in defense of Bush. They'll abandon him as soon as they can. Reminds one of scenes from 80's movies when the popular high school crowd finds out the new guy is actually poor and his dad is unemployed.". Beautifully illustrated!

Then enter Ubercunt Ann Coulter for another off kilter dig. And then Daniel J. Phillips of the Biblical Christianity blog. Carefully observe the strange absense of a real issue or valid point, in keeping with Ann's frothing. She could make a mean cappuccino with that mouth.

OMG, TOO Funny!!

I sent two perfectly clean children out to play in the backyard. Avery's clothes were spotless, her shoes devoid of any traceable blemish, her pigtail braids immaculate. Collapse )

We laughed about it and Maggie threw her nasty little ass into the tub. Man, but I love these kids.