December 16th, 2004


I had one layout for the top of a purse that printed wrong, it wasn't in the dimensions that I specified. I just got back from Kinko's, and now have all of the purse layout graphics printed. I stopped by Michael's to get a new Xacto knife, because I needed the one that has the bigger handle and the safety cap. I needed new blades for the old one that I couldn't even find anymore, but it doesn't matter - I needed a new one anyway that felt more comfortable in my hand. Got that and a metal ruler to guide the knife along, and am about to get started cutting the graphics out so they can be mounted on the boxes. Apparently Fiskar's makes this swank new cutting instrument that you can just ZIP-ZIP and make perfectly aligned cuts in foil, card stock, vellum, and of course standard paper. It was on sale for $25, but I couldn't justify that when I could get by just fine with the ruler and the Xacto knife.

Avery has gone to Oma's house for the afternoon, so I have quiet time to get this work done. I'm going to cut my hair & take a shower first, then take advantage of the time alone to knock these boxes out. SO much work to do, but I'm going to get it done by Sunday if it kills me.

Alrighty then - off to get shorn and defunktefied...
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